Your Halloween Costume Speaks about your Personality

What does your Halloween Costume say about you?

Halloween Costume

Halloween is a time when people get dressed up in different costumes they like. But does it reflect human psychology?

Some psychologists say yes. For instance, Dr. Akin Merino of Agrosy University in San Diego believes so. Like Dr. Merino, many psychologists also believe that a costume a person wears reflect his/her inner world.

“People go through a lot of things in their lives like trauma,” Dr. Merino said. “Halloween is a time for people to take on that character they’re dressing up as. They become that so sometimes it’s about empowering yourself.”

During Halloween, people wear different costumes that they want to portray. Some love superhero costumes, while others love weird or superstitious characters in movies or folklore. All of these costumes may have different implications for their personality.

“The clothes transform us,” Dr. Merino added. “That’s some of the things going on during Halloween. That sense of being someone else for a day.”

But what is the possible meaning of each costume? For instance, if you wear “Batman” costume, what does it tell you as a person?

An article from Psychology Today discusses the possible interpretations of each Halloween Costume.

If you wear one of these costumes, you may have the following behavioral tendencies:

Nurse, Maid, School Girl

If you wear one of these costumes, it may imply that you are a strong and independent person. These roles are mostly considered subservient. But wearing them is showing to the world that you are confident.


Wearing this costume may imply that you are exploring your true identity as a person. Or, you may be developing a strong personality inside you.

Vein Vampires, Grim Reapers, Devils, Witches

This may imply that your social world affects you in such a way that it motivates you to become more influential rather than being influenced.

Pop Culture

Such costume may reflect your life as a party lover.


This Halloween costume reflects your craftsmanship. You are showing to the world your talent and creativity to make things done on your own.

Rockstars, Athletes, Actors

This costume may imply that you are projecting others’ personality hoping to be like them or to connect with them.

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