6 Simple Ways To Live A Happy Life: Secrets To Become Happier

How to live a happy life and become happier?

Happy Life

Happiness is one of the most debated concepts in social science. From philosophy to psychology, happiness has given several interpretations. However, regardless of its complexity, every person, at some point has experienced happiness. It is a joyful feeling that makes us feel good. As a result, we want to cling to that feeling.

But the world becomes more and more complex. The way we live has changed. Happiness has become elusive. Life is seeming hard, as what most people believe. Happiness has become a commodity that only a few can afford.

But, the truth is exactly the opposite. Happiness is not something to pursue. Rather, it is something to choose. In fact, some happiness researchers believe that happiness is a matter of choice. And we can do that by choosing the right thoughts – the positive ones. And by avoiding the negative imaginations.

Thus, it is not a question of what makes us happy but how willing we are to be happy. The most important realization here is that everyone can achieve a happy life. If, and only if s/he chooses to be happy.

At this time, I will discuss some of the secrets of happiness. If you understand and apply these things in your life, you’ll become a happier person.

Happy life is a sum of happiness

That’s right. In order to be happy, you must choose to be happy without any worry. Of course, life is always challenging. You constantly tend to satisfy your daily needs. And that requires a lot of effort. If succeeded, you’ll feel good. If not, you’ll feel bitter and worry more. But if you look at it in a positive manner, you’ll see that there’s enough reason to feel good.

The best thing you can do when things are going wrong is to assess whether or not you have some kind of control over those things. Assessment helps you a lot in shaping your emotion. Because if you don’t have control over the things that turned wrong, then you have no reason to be sad.

It is normal to feel bad when a situation is bad, but you need to rescue yourself out of that emotion. You need to train your mind in the process of becoming happy.

Happiness is not all about nice life’s circumstances, but a positive outlook on the things that happen to you. Sadness cannot solve chaos. You can not restore what is broken by keeping yourself imprisoned in negative emotions. You are just putting heavy loads on your shoulder. So find reasons to be happy.

A happy life is a grateful life

Hatred reduces your tendency to become happy. Happiness starts when you practice gratitude. Be thankful for everything that happened to you. For everything you have – a nice family, friends and significant others. In this way, you forget negativity and foster happiness in you.

Happy life is about forgiveness

Living in frustration and hatred will confine you to negative emotion – sadness. And negative emotion can significantly impact your mental health. That’s why people who keep grudges and anger are more likely to acquire health issues. It is normal to feel sad and angry, but you must free yourself from these emotions as soon as you can. And start giving forgiveness for those who did wrong unto you. This may sound easier but it’s not. It requires an honest commitment.

In order to put forgiveness into action, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the perpetrators. Try to understand why they did it to you. This process can help you resolve your one-sided assessment. And from hatred, try to be altruistic. Be willing to forgo and forget things for the benefits of others. And you’ll become happier than ever!

Happiness is a mind full of joy

Happiness is a product of positive thinking. If you have happy evaluation about your life, you will be happy. Therefore, you cannot attain happiness by having negative thoughts. So it is important to guard your thoughts.

If you notice that you are going to be negative, shift your thinking. Challenge that thought by asking the reason behind. Is it necessary to feel sad or frustrated? This will allow you to escape from forming negative thoughts.

Why is it important to watch out negative thoughts? Well, the human mind acts like a magnet. It attracts the like. So positive thoughts attract positive circumstance. If you are happy, you attract happy people. But if you are angry, you will attract negative angry people. This is what they called The Law of Attraction. The law of attraction also suggests that being happy helps you reach your goals in life.

Happy life does not depend on money

At some point, money can make you happy. But certainly, money is not the only factor of happiness. It is the relationship that matters the most. It could be a relationship with your parents, neighbors, siblings, co-workers, etc. Not money. This is the reason why most people in third world countries still feel happiness without having more money. To become happy, you just need to value the relationship that you have with others. Be thankful and cherish the moments with your loved ones.

Happy life is all about having good social connection

Humans are social animals. You can not live alone. You are part of the universal web. And the good thing about this is that being connected with others make you happy. Your opportunity to find friends is tremendous. The more friends you have, the happier you’ll be. So build good relation

So build a good relationship with others. Cherish the times in your life with your loved ones. To me, happiness is the ultimate meaning of life. People who live in a life full of hatred and frustrations are the people who don’t get the real meaning of their existence.

In life, it is not how much you have, it is how you value what you have. This is a way to gain happiness.

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