8 Ways To Have Happy School Days

Learn how to have happy school days.

Happy School Days

It sounds impossible to have happy school days. Why? Because your teachers would give you a mountain of homework. There are deadlines to beat and exams to pass. However, life as a student is not far different from real life. It’s always in haste for something. Fortunately, nothing is really a hindrance to be happy.

Happiness is free. Thus, there’s no reason to miss it. If you want to have happy school days, here’s what you can do.

Ways to have happy school days

To be happy, you need to find ways or things that trigger happiness. And more importantly, you need to be willing to embrace this amazing emotion. Here’s you can do as a student.

1. To have happy school days, be thankful.

Do you have any idea how many children in the world who don’t go to school? More than what you think. Actually, there are about 150 million child laborers around the world. This is the reason why you should be thankful to be in school. Be thankful for your parents or people who send you to school.

Perhaps, what makes students unhappy in school is the people and the new environment. If this is your case, you have to challenge your thoughts. Because, sometimes, what makes things worse is our thinking pattern. The way we assess events and things around us could greatly affect our perception. Bad perception leads to a bad emotion.

Some students may find it hard to fit in the new environment. The good news is that you don’t have to fit in. Just do what you want to do as long as you don’t hurt anybody. Because if you always consider what other people might say, you’ll become their prisoner forever. So love yourself.

2. To have happy school days, find friends.

If you think that nobody likes you? Think again. It’s a wrong way of thinking. In fact, some people are just waiting for you to approach them. All you need to do is to find somebody who has the same interest. Try to join a sports club, or start a hobby. In this way, you might find people with similar interest. Free yourself from your comfort zone. Go around and gain more friends at school.

3. To have happy school days, avoid inferiority.

One of the most common reasons why a student feels incapable of becoming happy is the feeling of inferiority. An individual who feels inferior would consider himself as a lesser person. Thus, s/he always think that other people are better than him/her. The bad news is inferiority feelings could not do any good. It impairs your functioning as a student. You could not concentrate on academic chores because your mind is preoccupied. Ultimately, it negatively affects your self-efficacy.

But you can escape this trap by distracting your negative thinking. How? By reading magazines, jokes, watching comedy shows and other fun stuff. Or, you can listen to music, do charity work, and compliment everything around you. Doing these can help you forget the feeling of inferiority.

4. To have happy school days, focus on your school work.

Your purpose for going to school is to study. So you better remember it. There’s no reason why you pay so much attention to other people. Thinking that they’re not a good companion is nonsense. And changing yourself to fit in is a worse one. Instead, try being comfortable with the people around you. Focusing on your school work might influence them to become better students too.

5. To have happy school days, cherish your current achievement.

Everything will not last forever. What you can do is to cherish everything that you have now. By understanding that nothing really exists forever, makes you free from worries. Make each day of your life meaningful. But you can only make meaning of your life by finding happiness. Happiness is within you. All you need to do is to understand it and live in it.

6. To have happy school days, take one step at a time.

School requires a lot of work. That’s why you, as a student tends to do things simultaneously. But multitasking does not always work effectively. Sometimes, you need to focus on one task at a time. This makes you become efficient.

7. To have happy school days, focus on positives.

No matter how bad a situation is, find the positive side of it. Do not focus on bad things. Just enjoy every moment. Laugh with your friends. Don’t be sad. Smile!

8. To have happy school days, have a growth mindset.

Success in school does not really depend on intelligence. It’s a mindset that matters most. It is how you perceive yourself – your true potential. If you think that you will excel in your class, you are right. Otherwise, the opposite is true. Carol Dweck, the author of The Mindset found out that a student mindset is essential to academic success. Students who have a growth mindset (students who believe they can learn and improve) are likely to succeed in school. In contrast, students with a fixed mindset (students who believe that their ability is stable and therefore stay average) are more likely to be left behind.

So if you want to be happy, believe in your own capability. Have a growth mindset. Help others. Doing good to others can make you feel good. And most importantly, always respect everyone.

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