There Is A Link Between Head Size And Intelligence

On head size and intelligence.

Head Size And Intelligence

For decades, scientific theories proposed that intelligence is related to the physical feature of a person. Most importantly, the head size.

This means that, according to the theories, the larger the head size, the smarter a person.

But this assumption was not able to escape criticisms both inside and outside the scientific community.

However, the new study found a somewhat conclusive evidence that seems to be supporting the old propositions: head size and intelligence are interconnected.

A new study led by Dr. Saskia Hagenaars found that people with larger heads are more intelligent compared to their counterparts.

In addition, the size of the head and brain volume were also found to be related to better future. People with larger heads are more likely to pursue academic endeavors.

Dr. Hagenaars led this large study for 10 years. The data were obtained from half a million Britons participants.

Throughout the course of the study, the researchers monitored the physical and psychological health of the respondents.

The study also found that height is related to health. Taller people are healthier.

Dr. Saskia Hagenaars explains:

“The study supports an existing theory which says that those with better overall health are likely to have higher levels of intelligence.”

The co-author of the study, Dr. Stuart Ritchie added:

“This study tests whether genes that are linked to mental abilities and educational attainment are also genes that are related to some disorders.

We found that there are many overlaps: to take one example, genes related to being taller are also related to obtaining a college or university degree.

We also asked whether the sets of genes associated with many disorders and traits predicted people’s actual levels of cognitive abilities.

We found many overlaps there, too.

To take one example, people with more genes linked to cardiovascular disease tended to have lower reasoning ability.”

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