9 Practices To Achieve A Healthy Relationship

What should couples do to maintain a healthy relationship?

healthy relationship

To be in a relationship is much easier than keeping it healthy. That’s why most of the relationships today break in no time. Fortunately, you can make your relationship lasts if you want to. A healthy relationship is not hard to accomplish.

9 practices to achieve a healthy relationship

1. A healthy relationship requires work

This is what most people don’t understand. They think that having a relationship always make them happy. The truth is, a healthy relationship does not work that way. It is not always a joy; sometimes it needs patience and hard work. You’ve got to be willing to do what it takes to keep your relationship going.

2. Change yourself and accept your partner

It sounds unfair but it should be that way. Don’t engage in a relationship if the only person you consider is yourself. The biggest problem people have is that they think they can change other people. It will not happen. The truth is it is easier to change yourself than to change others. Besides, if you love someone there’s no reason to change her/him. Instead, accept him/her whoever s/he is. Don’t change him/her. Otherwise, you are not really in love.

3. Learn to control your impulse

In the course of a relationship, it is likely that you experience conflict. If that happens, strive to control your emotions. Stay calm. Don’t let your emotions drive your action. Because in most cases, decisions that are emotionally motivated often have bad results. Take a deep breath and lose your temper before saying anything. Focus on the problem, not on your emotion.

4. Be flexible

Understand that both of you are completely different from each other. You can’t judge your partner by your own standards. The truth is we don’t have a common standard in judging as to what is right. Thus, it is important to have some degree of flexibility.

5. Respect each other

One of the reasons why couples found it hard to maintain a healthy relationship is the lack of respect for each other. In fact, this is also the reason why people around the world strive to conquer unity. If there’s one rule that can make people live a harmonious life, it is respect. In the context of an intimate relationship, respect is vital in attaining happiness – more so in keeping a relationship healthy.

6. Refresh it

Like anything in life, you need to keep your relationship warm. Bring your loved one to romantic places once in a while. Watch movies together or stroll in the park. This could help you strengthen that intimacy between you and your partner.

7. Treat your loved one as your best friend

Couples who really succeed in their relationships have common characteristics. They treat their partner as a friend. Although this sounds inappropriate, its benefits are huge.

8. Don’t blame your partner for any negative circumstance

If you think that it’s your partner’s fault, think again. Examine every facet of the event before judging. Because sometimes we miss the whole picture.

9. Give what you want to have

The truth is you can’t receive something that you don’t give. In a healthy relationship, the couple should know that it is a two-way process. If you want to be respected, you respect your partner first. And if you want to be loved, love your partner more than s/he does to you. It’s a simple practice that really makes a difference.

I’m not sure that these practices are perfect for you. But if you use these, I truly believe that you could achieve an amazing thing in your life – that is keeping a healthy relationship forever.

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