6 High Performance Habits Of Extraordinary People

Why extraordinary people always achieve high performance?

High Performance

Success is something that all of us want to achieve. But the reality is that only a few of us were able to achieve greatness. So what happened to the vast majority who failed? Why some people attain instant access to successful life, while others don’t?

Brendon Burchard dedicated his life to answer these questions. He spent decades to investigate the basic reasons why some people succeed and some do not.

According to his study, there are six basic characteristics that successful people possess. Of course, these habits cannot be found among unsuccessful ones.

1. Always have clear choices.

Unlike unsuccessful people, extraordinary people achieve high performance because they are sure of their goal. Once they make a decision, they never deviate from it. They stay on the path wherever it may lead them. They never waste time doing things unnecessarily or outside of the plan. Being laser focused allows them to maximize time and resources.

Successful people do not ask what the activity (meeting) is all about. They ask what it is for. Time is always a valuable commodity for them. A habit that is missing among the majority of us.

2. Being able to handle the transition.

Most successful people are busy. They have meetings and other activities every day. But amazingly, they seldom get wiped out. The reason is that they are capable of handling transition – that is attending one function to another in a day.

Most people can’t handle many responsibilities. They easily get tired.

Successful people, on the other hand, are capable of maintaining high performance through an intermittent psychological break. Before attending to other activity, more often than not, they take a short break.

During a break, they refocus their mind inward. Instead of letting their thoughts wander, they avoid it by practicing meditation. Allowing your thoughts to wander generates negative imaginations. And those negative thoughts will, in turn, develop stress.

3. Knows the necessity.

High performance means excellence. And nobody can attain it without profound reason. Every successful athlete has his/her own reason why should s/he win.

Some dedicate their work for their loved ones. Others for the people who turned them down. But whatever the reason may be, it raises the necessity to win. The bigger the reason, the denser the determination. Those who really win have more profound reason that those who lose.

So the most important thing, always, is asking why you do the things you do. Is it because your friends are doing it? Or is it because your parents command you to do so? What is your reason? Successful and high-performing people know exactly the necessity behind their action.

4. Increase the level of productivity.

You seldom see people who maximise every resource they have. It could be time or money. The thing is, they don’t allow wasting it.

High-performing people don’t see productivity in quantity. You can have hundreds of output that are poorly done. Successful people only consider an output as high performance if it satisfies both quality and productivity.

Highly performing people like Steve Jobs always pay attention to quality and resourcefulness. They never ask how much they have but how many outcomes they can produce out of a limited resource.

5. The ability to influence people.

Another reflection of a high performance among extraordinary people is their ability to influence others. Their actions and words educate and change others’ lives in many ways.

But such influence is just a by-product of who they are. High-performing people value what is good for the society. By showing people how to grow and prosper, they earn reputation. And such reputation becomes an influence. That makes them unique from the vast majority.

6. Motivate people.

Extraordinary people are not supernatural. What makes them different is the ability to motivate people by showing their actions. Their high performance always amazes others who see them from a distant. Their struggle, failure, and honor fuel others to take their own goals too.

It is not easy to succeed. Most of the time many of us struggle to adhere to the principle of success. Thus, many of us find motivation from the extraordinary people. And by observing how high-performing individuals achieve greatness, we will be able to learn from their experiences. And hopefully to succeed too!

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