Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms

What is histrionic personality disorder?

Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms

A histrionic personality disorder is characterized by attention seeking behavior and emotionality. A person who has histrionic personality disorder tends to be the center of attention and would feel uncomfortable when unappreciated. People with this disorder tend to draw the attention of new acquaintances enthusiastically through flirtatiousness. But if they don’t get the attention they want, they tend to be dramatic to make themselves noticeable in any social situation.

People with histrionic personality disorder are often controlling. As a result, they may have difficulty in maintaining or achieving intimate relationship. Because people with this disorder are sexually provocative, such behavior threatens relationship with their friends. People with this disorder may be unaware that their behavior alienates their friends.

People with histrionic may also become easily bored with the usual routine. They tend to immediately satisfy their wants. They also have poor enthusiasm for everything they do. Because of this, they may find difficulty in establishing a long-term relationship.

Symptoms of histrionic personality disorder

The symptoms of a histrionic personality disorder may be evident during early adulthood. It involves pervasive emotionality and attention seeking behavior. Below are some of the symptoms:

  • Uncomfortable in social situations when unnoticed
  • Have inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior
  • Have unstable and shallow expression of emotions
  • Use physical appearance to get noticed by others
  • Use an impressionistic type of speech but lack of detail
  • Dramatic and emotionally expressive
  • Easily influenced by others
  • Considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are

Approximately, there is about 1.8 percent of people having histrionic. The occurrence is more prevalent among females than in males. However, the difference between genders is not significant.

Norms for interpersonal relationships, emotional expressiveness may be varied among cultures, genders, and even cross ages. Thus, before labeling a person with a histrionic personality disorder, one should determine first whether or not a person is impaired or distressed.

Causes of histrionic personality disorder

To date, experts don’t have a specific reason how or what causes this disorder. However, several theories suggest that histrionic personality disorder is due to biopsychosocial factors. It involves genetic, social, environmental, and personal interactions. Thus, there is no single factor that causes this disorder. But rather a combination of influential factors.

Treatment of histrionic personality disorder

People with histrionic may not find help until they needed it badly. It is when they are severely affected by the disorder in many aspects of their lives. But a person with histrionic personality treated?

One of the most recommended treatments for this disorder is psychotherapy. The process may be, long. But treating this disorder can be challenging. Because people with this disorder report their symptoms exaggeratedly. However, an experienced therapist can guide a client by being supportive and solution-focused.

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