How Stress Affects Weight: The Signs That You Are Affected

How stress affects weight?

How Stress Affects Weight

There are many things that cause us stress every day. They could be part of your daily job, daily routine, school activities, or even your relationship.

Some of the strong predictors of stress are grief, bereavement, and relationship breakup.

People who experience these situations may be more stressed out than others. Their life and well-being can be tremendously affected.

More often than not, the effect of stress can be noticeable in physical changes. Stressed people also experience behavioral changes over a period of time.

Below are some of the stressed-related changes in behavior and weight:

Skipping meals

Stress affects the body in different ways. Most stressed people don’t eat their meal regularly. Skipping meals can be one of the manifestations that a person is stressed. Instead of eating breakfast, you tend to go to work to finish a task. Working people often the victim of this situation.

If this happens to you, the best thing you can do is always be prepared. Don’t forget to bring easy-to-bring snacks. Your “emergency food” should be protein-rich such as nuts, etc. But as long as you can, do not skip your meal.

Feeling queasy

If you are stressed, your body’s strength is deteriorated. As a result, you feel nauseous. Your body secrets stress hormones that activate the entire nervous system. The hormones allow the body to respond to stressful situations. But when the level of stress hormones remain high, the body suffers. This is how stress affects weight and other aspects of your health.

One of the immediate remedies of this is drinking ginger tea. Or, if you want, engage in some activities that can reduce stress. Outdoor sports can be one of them.

Walking in the park can also be helpful. Several studies found the benefits of engaging with nature. Spend time with trees and flowers. It will heal your emotional wound.

Feeling exhausted

Stress does not only affect your mind but also your body. The overwhelming task you have in your daily job can be the primary cause. If you don’t handle it properly, it will sabotage your eating schedule.

If you are in this situation, the best thing you can do according to experts buy pre-made foods. Some stores offer fresh and healthy pre-made meal. This will reduce your stress preparing food.

Eat your meal at least an hour before bed. This will add benefits to your body.


Exercise is beneficial to attain good health. But overdoing it is definitely not good. Overexercising burns a lot of calories that if not replaced, can cause many problems than benefits.

Instead of going to extreme exercise, the experts suggest practicing yoga and other mindfulness techniques.

Music can also be a good alternative. Many studies found that instrumental and calm music help reduce stress fast.

These four signs can be your guide to determine how stress affects weight. If you experience some of these, and if you think you can’t handle, consult your doctor.

Health professionals can help you eliminate stressors and manage your stress and anxiety accordingly.

Learn more about stress and its remedies.

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