How The Group You Belong Affects Your IQ

How the group you belong affects your IQ?

How The Group You Belong Affects Your IQ

Your circle of friends could affect your intelligence. This is not only happening in ordinary situations but also in professional gatherings.

Social gatherings including business meetings could dramatically affect individual’s IQ level. This is not an assumption but actually a scientific finding.

A study found out that group activities could negatively affect one’s intelligence.

When you are working in a group solving a specific problem, you might lose fifteen percent of your IQ.

This significant drop in intelligence, is due to, as the researchers believe, the influence of the group.

What is more intriguing is the fact that women are more vulnerable to social influence than men. This means that the effect is more pronounced among females.

The possible explanation could be that social status somehow affects one’s level of cognitive ability.

Women might unconsciously treat themselves as being in the lower part of the social hierarchy. Throughout history, men have been more powerful and dominant especially in social situations.

Unfortunately, this imaginative social inferiority greatly affects cognitive ability.

The authors led by Dr. Kenneth Kishida concluded that:

“Our study highlights the unexpected and dramatic consequences even subtle social signals in group settings may have on individual cognitive functioning.”

The researchers used neuroimaging technique making the study more reliable.

The researchers added:

“And, through neuroimaging, we were able to document the very strong neural responses that those social cues can elicit.”

The finding sounds trivial but may have a tremendous effect on our daily experiences. The big question here is what we can do to minimize the effect of group influence on intelligence.

Since this phenomenon is highly cognitive, I suspect that the best strategy to suppress its occurrence is through cognitive adjustment.

What I mean by this is that, whenever you’re in a group, you must be aware of who you are and what you are capable of.

As long as you can, stand on what you believe is right and appropriate. Remember that we are all different. And it is okay to be different.