How to Appear Confident When You Are Not

How to appear confident?

How to Appear Confident

Because we are social beings, we can not exclude interpersonal communication from our daily activities. Either we like or not, we need to talk with other people, deal with them, and connect with them.

However, our social interaction requires confidence. We won’t be able to connect to the world when we are afraid.

This could be the reason why social interaction is stressful for some people. Many of us find it hard to find confidence in dealing with others.

Fortunately, there are ways that could help boost your confidence. Try the following tips:

1. Maintain eye contact.

Looking at someone’s eye can be intimidating. But you should do it if you want to be able to stand before the person you are talking to. Do not look down. Because if you do, you’ll lose in that encounter. Powerful people maintain eye contact whenever they talk to someone. So don’t allow intimidation defeats you.

2. Sit or stand straight.

If you want to know how to appear confident, study confident people and apply their mannerisms to yourself. Observe how they stand or sit. These simple behaviors reflect how confident a person is. Confident people sit straight and never slouch. Be tall all the time.

3. Keep your hands visible.

People who are uncomfortable during a social encounter slide their hands in their pocket. That’s a sign of not being confident. So keep your hands visible.

4. Smile.

Smiling can help you relax. A simple smile can help ease your nerve.

 5. Maintain a confident walk.

Observe how successful people walk. Study their gaits. Read books and articles on how to improve your confidence.

6. Speak Slowly.

Take your time when speaking with others. It is a sign that you are confident. A nervous person would speak quickly. Control your voice. The faster you speak, the more nervous you become. So tune down your tempo.

 7. Believe that you are a confident person.

Many people want to know how to be confident but they don’t believe in themselves that they can. In most cases, self-doubt defeats us.

If you really want to achieve personal development, you need to believe in yourself. Why? Because nobody cares about you. You better start it on your own.

It is hard to be confident all the time. But you can fake it. In other words, you can be confident even if you’re not. By acting like a confident person, people will notice it. And most importantly, the entirety of you will change.

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