How to be a Smart Person: 8 Small Things You Can Do to be Smarter

How to be a smart person?

How to be a Smart Person

Most people believe that intelligence is tied to academic success. In fact, in most cases, intelligence tests are built in academe. But the problem is that intelligence does not accurately measure one’s overall cognitive ability.

Thinking about intelligence as fixed is problematic. A person is capable of developing his/her entire being. Intelligence is fluid and flexible just like personality traits. Recently, researchers realized that the personality factors of a person are malleable.

An introvert person, for instance, may develop into an extrovert one. In this sense, personality or intelligence is not predetermined. A person can, therefore, decide for his/her own destiny.

In terms of intelligence, a person can become smart if he/she would want to. The experience that we deal with every day will make us intelligent and improve our brain power.

You can be a smart person by doing some tweaks in your daily routine. You don’t have to go back to the university to gain more academic degrees. What you need is simply commit to the new way of approaching things.

In this post, I will share with you simple ways you can employ in your life to become smarter. The following techniques will not necessarily increase your IQ level. Rather these ideas will make you more effective in life

Here’s how to be a smart person:

1. Be smarter in using your online time

Most people, especially the millennial spent too much time online for nothing. They kill time for useless and unfruitful activities such as browsing social media accounts, watching nonsense videos, etc. If you are a person who wants to improve your level of intelligence, the internet can be the best source of knowledge. Consume educational materials on the internet. Watch informative TED talks and documentaries. If you do that every day, your life will never be the same.

2. Keep a record of everything you learned

Every day, write down what you’ve learned. Make a daily entry of everything you’ve come across before you go to bed. This simple jotting down of your daily experience will increase your cognition. This is not just an armchair speculation but actually backed up by science. In fact, the researcher Mike Xie noted that writing what you learned boosts brain power. You don’t need to be complicated. Just reflect what you’ve learned and write it down.

3. Record what you have accomplished

Aside from writing what you have learned, writing down what you have accomplished can tremendously boost your confidence and self-esteem. Some people called this a “done list” which is recommended by successful people. Recording what you have accomplished may not only make you more confident but also make you smarter. It proves that you can achieve many things in life. So make a ‘did’ list.

4. Play games

The brain is like a muscle in your body. It becomes stronger and more efficient when constantly stimulated with exercise. One of the best ways to exercise your brain is by playing board games and puzzles. Scrabbles and chess are some of the great examples of brain stimulating board games. These games help maintain the sharpness of your working memory and prevent it from deteriorating. So instead of wasting your time on unproductive activities, why not play board games? This is how to be a smart person.

5. Surround yourself with smart people

Believe it or not, the people you hang out with influence the way you think. In fact, some experts argued that your intelligence level is an average of five people’s IQ closest to you.

Surrounding yourself with smart people will not necessarily make you smarter. It is the lesson that you learn from them that makes the difference in your life. By talking with them, your attitude will be influenced and then your behavior will follow. You’ll start doing what smart people are doing. In that way, you will become smarter too.

6. Read a lot

One of the reasons why successful people are successful is their habit of reading. No one is born with knowledge.  Knowledge is acquired through experience. But that is a long process. Yes, you will learn as you gain more experience, but it takes a lot of time. Reading will speed up the process. This is the reason why Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and other business tycoons would recommend you to read a lot. Reading will not only make you a smarter person but it allows you to achieve success faster.

7. Explain to others what you have learned

Discussing the things that you learned to others helps you grasp the idea. It will be stored in your memory way better. It will also help you examine whether you understand the idea. As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

8. Gather as many experiences as you can

In school, you are trained to avoid mistakes. As a result, you tend to follow what is written in your book. In a way, you are not free to try new things. You are told that if you follow the right path, your academic journey will be successful.

But there is a problem, real life does not resonate with what is inside the classroom. In reality, you have to do random new things if you want to be successful. Sometimes, the seemingly useless things could make you millions.

In real life, the rule of success is what you say it is. You must have the courage to embrace failure because you will fail. And you will fail over and over again. But failure will make you even better. Try new things and don’t be afraid to lose. This is how to be a smart person.

In sum, there is no complicated trick to becoming a smart person. A simple change in your attitude and action can reshape your life. You just need to remember the truth that you are not a predetermined being. As a person, you have a tremendous potential to design and live a better life that you deserve.

I hope that in this simple list of “how to be a smart person” you have learned something that you can use for your own journey. Good luck.

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