How To Be Motivated To Study Consistently

How to be motivated to study consistently?How To Be Motivated To Study Consistently

One of the best motivators is money. People mostly believe that giving a monetary reward boosts behavior.

Parents too usually use the money to motivate their children in their studies.

And as a student, you may be motivated to study when your parents offer you a reward.

However, giving a cash incentive cannot be always effective. In fact, one study found the opposite.

In 2016, a team of researchers conducted a study on motivation. What they found was that the effect of cash incentives on motivation is temporary.

In other words, people are motivated when they received a reward but that level of motivation dwindles immediately.

The researchers, therefore, realized that the common belief about motivation is actually wrong.

The first author of the study, Dr. Kou Murayama concluded:

“Science has a deep-rooted misunderstanding of how motivation works, and employers are repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot with the frequent use of rewards to encourage certain behaviors or increase effort.

Our work shows we need to correct our strong misbelief in a carrot and stick approach to achieve sustained motivation among workers.”

But what makes people do the tasks they are assigned to do?

The researchers believe that reward makes people comply not because they love the task but because they are paid.

In this case, money causes the behavior. As a result, after the reward is gone, the motivation decreases as well as the behavior.

Therefore, the monetary reward does not work in a long term. So what does?

The researchers suggest that, instead of giving cash incentives, one may focus on inner motivation.

Letting people do what they love to do will result in optimal performance and motivation.

The researchers added:

“So much effort is put into having an immediate effect on students or employees, and it is true that people respond well in the short term to things like financial incentives.

However, we have shown that providing a workplace that meets people’s needs and improves job satisfaction is likely to have a greater impact on employees than money on its own.

In the future, it may be possible to explore how such incentives can be transformed into an inner desire in the person to carry out tasks, which is far more powerful.”

Motivation is, as always, hard to achieve consistently. But the problem is, whatever you do, either at school or at work, you need the motivation to finish a task.

In school, many students failed not because they lack abilities but because they are less motivated.

So how to be motivated to study?

There are many ways you can apply to yourself that do not involve money. In this article, I will give you some of the techniques.

1. Use pain as motivation

Sometimes, focusing on the negativity of the failure scares you. The pain from this emotional experience can be enough to ignite motivation. Imagine what will happen to you if you don’t study for an exam.

2. Imagine pleasure

After considering the possible pain, focus your attention on the pleasure associated with passing your exam. Imagine happiness after indulging yourself from the pain of studying.

3. Break your goals into smaller pieces

Achieving academic success can be an overwhelming task. Thus, breaking it into smaller pieces can be the best thing to do. Determine what you should accomplish first, second, and so on.

4. Remind yourself of your ultimate goal

Do you want to know how to be motivated to study? Remind yourself of the things you really want to achieve. Whatever you do, keep your goal alive. Protect it from procrastination.

5. Schedule everything

Make a schedule for your activities. If you don’t schedule everything, you may be lost along the way. Set a perfect time to study your lessons.

If you want to learn how to be motivated to study consistently, just apply these tactics. I hope this will help.

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