How To Be Smart In Life: Great Things You Should Know

How to be smart in life?

How To Be Smart In Life

Have you wondered why few people succeeded in life while the majority aren’t? Well, that because of the different definitions of the word “smart.”

I will be talking a lot about how to be smart in this post. But I don’t mean the academic definition of the word. I mean the practical connotation. The world does not care how high your IQ is. Life will test you over and over again.

There are millions of people who claimed to be academically smart. But guess what, they confined themselves in the job they hate doing every day.

We all have a job or at least a regular work that sustains our daily needs. But what separates the very successful people from the average majority is the way we define “smart.”

The truth is you can be smart if you choose to. Forget about IQ. To be smart, you don’t have to have a high IQ level. You just need to reshape your attitude.

The school systems train the young mind in a conventional way. So if you rely solely on school, you will not get ahead of life. You need to be smart enough.

Here, as in this very moment, you will know how to be smart in life. This is something that your teachers in school never teach you. It’s okay. They don’t know either. Are you ready for this intellectual journey? Alright, then. Let’s start.

Read a lot of books

In school, you were taught to read books. The only problem is that most of those topics can’t be applied in the real world. Your mind is filled with unpractical theories. This is the reason why you cannot rely on a college degree.

The extremely successful people read a lot of books too. But they do it in a very different and productive way. They carefully select the books they read that can make them even smarter.

Books could greatly help you become a successful person. If you read a lot, you’ll start to notice the different views on the same subject. Don’t worry. Just pick the ones that resonate with your own perspectives and apply them to your own life. This is what great people are doing.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

In school, we are trained to avoid mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the lesser your chances of achieving academic success.

The real life does not work that way. In fact, mistakes can make you stronger and smarter. Being unafraid to commit mistakes is how to be smart in life.

Thomas Edison for example, he committed more than 10,000 mistakes before he was able to make the bulb worked. If Edison quit after a couple of mistakes, then we wouldn’t have lightings today.

So don’t afraid to make mistakes. Explore life. Free your imagination. If you make mistakes along the way, it’s perfectly okay. Just learn from them and never commit the same. In this way, you are making progress in your life.

Find a model

In school, you are taught to never copy from your classmates. In research or other academic writing, this is called plagiarism.  But in real life, mimicking others is not unethical but a must.

What I really mean by this is that you don’t need to build a unique personality in order to succeed. You just need to copy from those already been there. Look at how someone made success and make him/her a role model. This is a shortcut to success; this is how to be smart in life.

Find a like-minded people

Whether you believe it or not, the people that surround you affect you psychologically. If you go with stressed people, for instance, you will also become stress.

If you want to be really smart, surround yourself with really smart people. And I mean the real smart people not academically smart. Build a good connection with them. They will teach you the things you really need in your life. Above all, they will make you even stronger and smarter.

Life is hard. This is how our society is telling us. But that is not necessarily true. It is not that hard if you learn how to be smart in life.