How To Be Smarter Overnight According To Science

How to be smarter overnight?

How To Become Smarter Overnight

Becoming smarter can be hard. But it is not impossible. You can always increase your cognitive ability.

In one study, the researchers found that seeing red color improves memory recall and focus. In addition, blue color can improve creativity.

However, the finding did not identify the better color that predicts cognitive ability.

Professor Juliet Zhu believes that the “Previous research linked blue and red to enhanced cognitive performance, but disagreed on which provides the greatest boost.”

Instead, she suggests that “It really depends on the nature of the task.”

The conclusion was drawn from more than six hundred participants. They underwent several cognitive tasks that involved focus and creativity.

The activity was done with a computer with different background colors – either blue or red.

The researchers found that the participants performed better on tasks that require focus when the background is red.

What makes color red improves attention and focus?

The researchers believe that the result was due to the effect of color red on the mind. As a result, the body follows the unconscious signal that the brain sends.

Professor Zhu explained the result:

“Thanks to stop signs, emergency vehicles, and teachers’ red pens, we associate red with danger, mistakes, and caution.

The avoidance motivation, or heightened state, that red activates makes us vigilant and thus helps us perform tasks where careful attention is required to produce a right or wrong answer.”

The finding can be useful in academic settings. Students should exploit the power of color red when studying the lesson.

Want more techniques on how to be smarter overnight?

Becoming a smarter person may involve time and practice. Along with consistency and perseverance, are the productive habits.

Here are the additional tips on how to become smarter:

1. Use your online time properly

Most people surf the internet aimlessly. They tend to watch videos on social media without gaining something.

If you have an internet access, use it productively. Engage in a cognitively demanding task online. It could be the educational videos or articles. Find learning resources that are beneficial to your mental development.

2. Make a list of everything that you learned

Learning on how to be smarter overnight (although this would not happen overnight) involves a pen and a paper. Writing down everything you learned can help the learning process.

Don’t worry, your list does not have to be perfect. A 400-word list of everything you’ve learned can be enough.

3. Surround yourself with smart people

The fastest way to become smarter is to have smart friends. Few people have realized this. The social connection also affects your mental ability.

However, this may not work in people who have a lot of insecurities. Before you can have people who are smarter and better than you, you need to accept yourself first.

Be humble. Be truthful of your weaknesses. Along the way, you’ll realize that smart people have so much to share and teach you that will speed up your learning process.

4. Read a lot of books

As always, one of the best ways to become smarter is through reading. It does not matter whether you read fiction or nonfiction – you’ll learn.

Pick up books that interest you the most. Read a lot. Successful people become successful because of the lessons they learned from books.

So if you want to be smarter, you need to do the same.

5. Share what you’ve learned to others

Now that you acquired new knowledge, it is time to share it with others. Try to discuss what you’ve learned with your friends or significant others. This will help you assess whether or not you really have grasped the concept.

If you can discuss it clearly and simply to others, then you really have learned it. Because if you can’t explain what you learned, you don’t really get what you supposed to learn.

I hope that these tips on how to be smarter overnight will help you. Of course, this is not a perfect list. But if you apply some of these techniques, you’ll be able to improve your mental ability.

Maybe you have your own better way. If so then continue to nourish your mind.

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