On Goal Achievement: Steps How To Become A Doctor

How to become a doctor?

How To Become A Doctor

In this article, I have gathered main steps how to become a doctor, and some good tips about it.

Many of my students ask me some tips on how to become a doctor or succeed at medical school. Some of them want to become a doctor after graduating from the Psychology Program. However, they are afraid, not sure if they could survive the academic journey.

Becoming a doctor is certainly not for procrastinators. The journey will be like climbing to the top of the pedestal. It is incredibly hard and tedious. That’s why many of those who tried had failed. Why? Because they quit so easily.

If you really want to achieve something, you have to work on it consistently. Work is the bridge between your dream and reality. In other words, you will only become successful if you do the work necessary.

However, every goal has its own work standard. The bigger the goal, the harder work it needs. So if you really want to become a doctor, you should have known already that you need to work harder.

To give you a glimpse on the process, read the steps that you need to undergo just to reach your goal.

Steps you should do to become a good doctor

If you want to be a doctor, you should be ready to work irregular hours, especially if working in ER. But doctors usually earn a high income, so this means your profession would bring you a good sum of money. Of course, this job is quite stressful, so you must be emotionally stable. You should be prepared to deal with different people every day. It means you need to have good communicating skills.

Being a doctor is a quite hard job that requires a lot of sacrifices. You should ask yourself why you want to become a doctor. Some students say that they want to help people to fight diseases. Others want to develop new treatments for various illness. You may already define what specialization you’d like to select: working as a surgeon, osteopathic, therapist, laboratory diagnostic, etc.

If you haven’t decided yet what specialization to choose, you shouldn’t worry because it’s possible that you will discover it as you study.

Let’s see now how many stages you will have to pass to become a doctor:

1. Get a bachelor’s degree.

If you are going to apply for medical school, you should have a bachelor degree. Remember that usually medical schools approve applicants who are knowledgeable in natural sciences and work experience in healthcare services.

Applying to the medical school includes filling a lot of documents and writing some papers, such as a medical school essay. Essays are very important. If you got problems with writing a successful medical essay, or need help to “write your term paper”, you can easily find a lot of reliable companies that will do the job properly.

2. Pass the MCAT test

This is a standard test required by all medical schools. It includes chemistry, physics, and biology. Don’t be disappointed if you failed the test: most medical schools give applicants opportunities to take it up to 3 times every year.

3. Get a medical degree

Usually, students study four years in a medical school. They study in the classrooms and do lab works in the first two years. And in the last 2 years, they start to work directly in hospitals with supervisors. In school students study anatomy, pharmacology, biochemistry, and pathology. When they work in hospitals, they go through various areas. This experience is a great opportunity for students to figure out what area of specialization they want to pursue.

4. Select a residency program

After graduation, you should choose a residency program to work with patients in a selected area (psychiatry, ER, anesthesiology, medicine, and pediatrics). Being a resident, you can take responsibility for writing medical histories, and some activities of patient care. Depending on what specialization you have chosen, this program usually lasts for 3 – 7 years.

5. Get a license

Before you started working as a doctor, you should get a license. You should have finished your residency program, and passed the board exam. You can find more information about USMLE in your state’s medical board. Keep in your mind that you will have to renew your license periodically by passing the renewal exam.

Doctors who apply for renewal should complete a minimum of 50 hours of education before the exam. If you are interested in more detailed information, remember that requirements can be different for various states.

6. Get a certificate (optional)

This option can increase your opportunities for employment. Your certificate demonstrates that you are a real expert in a particular area. The certificate can be given by the ABMS after a thorough checking and evaluation. Certificates, in some cases, are renewable too. So you need to renew it depending on the prescribed renewal period. But usually, continuing education is required before renewal is allowed. So you better read the guidelines.

How to become a doctor?

The road is not easy. But if you follow this guide, you’ll get there. There’s nothing impossible. Everything that your mind can conceive, you can achieve if you are willing to work on it.

The question “How to become a doctor” is wrong. The better question is “Are you willing to work hard?”

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