How To Become A Successful Student In High School?

How to become a successful student in high school?

How To Become A Successful Student In High School?

Success in high school may have many connotations. For some students, academic success would mean high grades. But for most high school students, success would mean being a class president or being a member or a sports team, etc.

Although success may mean many things for every student, the road to it may be the same. The more significant question is how a high school student succeed?

In this article, I will be sharing some of the tips toward achieving success in high school. There are so many things you can do. But in this post, I will only talk about 9 strategies.

These strategies will help you develop a way to successfully deal with academic demands. Most importantly, these techniques will not only work for high school students but also for college students.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in…

1. Set achievable goals

The biggest mistake of most students is that they tend to set goals that are out of their academic strength. Obviously, goals are very important. Without a goal, you will easily get messed out.

But not all goals will ultimately lead to a successful outcome. Goals that are vague often lead to failure. Why? Because they are misleading.

If you set a goal to make sure that it is quantifiable and within your control. Do not set a goal that is beyond your control.

One of the good examples of an achievable goal is setting a specific amount of time to study your lesson. It is within your control. You can study for 30-60 minutes before going to bed every night or anytime you want.

A bad goal is when you aim something that is totally out of your control. One example of this is when you want to achieve a specific grade. There are factors that could affect your academic performance.

The best thing you can do instead is aimed at something within your control. In this way, it will be easy for you to implement and achieve.

2. Learn to manage your time

Have you noticed that every one of us has 24 hours day? If so, have you asked yourself why only a few students (people) really become successful while the vast majority never reach their goal?

Learning how to become a successful student in high school involves learning to manage your time. Most students tend to waste their opportunities by wasting their time. They believe that they have eternity. So they end up cramming.

The truth is, time flies without you noticing it. To succeed in high school (more so in college), you have to use every minute of your free time. Make yourself productive. Avoid wasting your most precious resource – time.

One way of doing that is by scheduling all your assignments or projects. By the following schedule, you will be making progress regardless of how small it will be. The best part is you set yourself free from multitasking when deadlines and exams come.

3. Be a well-rounded student

Learning does not only happen inside the classroom. In fact, life itself is a gigantic educational system that can provide you with practical knowledge.

Be observant of what is happening around you. Educate yourself with current issues happening in and out of the campus. Try to think of the possible solutions for the issues around you. This will help you grow as a better citizen of your community.

You have to learn to make a stand and objective criticism. Most successful people begin honing their abilities in their high school days. So if you want to be a successful high school student, you should be a well-rounded one.

4. Get involved in class discussions

As a teacher, I love students who really have the guts to share their ideas during the class. By simply sharing your thoughts you will not only showing interest but also you are building self-confidence that you will certainly need throughout life.

In my years of teaching, I learned something that always makes me sad. The thing is that the classroom is filled with brilliant but ashamed students. Ideas that are kept inside means nothing.

If you want to be a successful student, you need to learn how to speak out your ideas. The best part of being an active student during class discussion is that your teacher will perceive you as an active and dedicated student.

As a teacher, I give you a hint: there are two things that your teacher remember his/her student. A student who is active in the class discussion and the one who is talkative. You should be in the first category.

5. Take good care of yourself

Most students believe that to succeed in high school or in college you have to study all day long. That is not true. In fact, it will only deteriorate your academic performance. Reading for several hours straight will only result in information overload – a tendency where your brain fails to store all the information you want to remember.

Do not kill yourself. Always remember that your greatest asset is yourself. Make time for exercise, eat healthy foods, laugh, and watch your favorite TV show. Give yourself a break. Too much of good stuff is bad stuff.

6. Discover your passion

High school days is the time when you must explore your hidden capabilities and talents. This will not directly improve your grade. But later on, this will help you figure out your future plans in your life.

Passion often leads to success in the real world. If you follow what you love, life will be easy for you. This will apply when you are about to choose your college course. You need to know what academic path you want to enroll in. If you already have explored your interest, it will be easy for you to pick your course.

7. Learn to set your priorities

Knowing how to become a successful student in high school includes so many things you need to do. But there’s one thing you need to learn – recognizing your priorities.

In school, there are millions of temptations that could screw up your academic journey if you let yourself go with the flow. This what happens to most high school students. The reason behind is that they don’t know their priorities.

If you really want to succeed in high school, you need to know the boundary between your wants and needs. From that point, use your time and resources to accomplish what is needed to be done.

Most of the time, it involves discipline. Learn to say no to all temptations.

8. Learn leadership skills

As mentioned, successful students often the well-rounded ones. Leadership skills are super helpful. In your young age, such skills will make you more confident. And most importantly, you will learn so many things that will give you an advantage in the future.

9. Build a support system

To succeed in high school sometimes you need a support network. You need people who can help you in difficult times. Aside from your family, of course, you can also build a good support system in the campus.

Within your classroom, find someone who has the same interest. Or someone whom you are compatible being around with. In your case, a support system is not necessarily the source of your academic help. It could be the emotional or moral source of strength.

Lastly, your teachers can be your ultimate source of help. You can learn a lot from them. Seek advice and make them your mentor even outside the class.

Again, as a teacher, I love students who want to make an extra effort for their studies. I am more than happy to help them and give them advice. So don’t hesitate to approach your teacher.

I hope that these tips on how to become a successful student in high school will help you reach your academic goal. You can absolutely do it!