Here Is How To Become Smarter Naturally

How to become smarter naturally?

How To Become Smarter Naturally

Most people think that intelligence is fixed. That is, if you were born average, you’ll remain that way in your lifespan.

But this common belief often contrasted by several studies. Researchers like Carol Dweck believes that intelligence is malleable. It can be developed and constantly changing.

The environment and social interaction can be the significant contributors to intelligence.

But the quickest way to boost cognitive performance may be through the olfactory system.

One study found that a certain scent could improve intelligence. The participants became smarter and more accurate in a cognitive task.

The participants received a scent of a rosemary, a popular Mediterranean herb. This herb is famous even to ancient Egyptian people.

The researchers found that when exposed to the scent, the participants become faster and more accurate in the cognitive task.

But how does the rosemary scent affected the participants?

The researchers concluded:

“Here we show for the first time that performance on cognitive tasks is significantly related to a concentration of absorbed 1,8-cineole following exposure to rosemary aroma, with improved performance at higher concentrations.”

The 1,8-cineole is a substance found in rosemary as well as in several aromatic plants.

Most people love the fragrance of rosemary. However, others may find it irritating.

The first author, Dr. Mark Moss added:

“Only contentedness possessed a significant relationship with 1,8-cineole levels, and interestingly to some of the cognitive performance outcomes, leading to the intriguing proposal that positive mood can improve performance whereas aroused mood cannot.”

How to become smarter naturally?

Smelling a rosemary can be a great help. However, the beneficial effect of this herb can be limited.

As the researchers suggested, the effect of the rosemary scent might be dependent on personal smell preference.

In other words, you’ll be positively affected if you love the smell.

Nonetheless, this can be the best and easiest option to become smarter.

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