How to Deal with High School Anxiety?

How to deal with high school anxiety?

How to Deal with High School Anxiety

Most students experience stress and anxiety in school. Unfortunately, not all students have an appropriate outlet for their psychological burden. As a result, some of them may engage in unhealthy coping strategies.

Anxiety, a feeling of worry, uneasiness, and nervousness often cause impairment on students’ functioning. Unresolved anxiety may result in more problematic issues. The negative effect can be devastating leading some people especially students unable to deal with school demands.

In some countries, a mental health problem is one of the causes of suicide among students. In fact, in India alone, one student per hour commits suicide. But the rate of suicide is not only evident in this region but also in all parts of the world.

In some countries too, students don’t want to seek professional help because of the stigma associated with it. It shouldn’t be. Mental health is as important as the physical health. Teachers and school administrators should take a serious action on promoting students’ well-being inside and outside the campus.

If you are a student who does not want to seek guidance from health professionals, you can still remain mentally healthy by practicing simple activities.

This post is really for high school students who are experiencing anxiety and stress in school. Listed below are the simple but effective practices students can do to lessen or eliminate their anxiety.

How to deal with high school anxiety?

This list does not contain all the strategies. But these techniques can be helpful if you apply correctly. Here are the steps…

1. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing can have a tremendously positive effect on your mind. It allows your body to relax and calm your mental state. Deep breathing brings enough amount of oxygen to your brain which will allow the brain to refresh itself.

2. Squish something slime

If you feel stressed and anxious, you feel the pressure inside you. That’s dangerous if you don’t release that uneasy feeling. One way of releasing your anxiety is by squishing something soft, something that is malleable but doesn’t break. This is the easiest way to relieve your anxiety.

3. Focus on something controllable

Most people especially students experience stress and anxiety not because of their negative experience in school but because of their cognitive appraisal. We tend to focus on negative and uncontrollable things. The bad thing is that this practice is simply unproductive. It will only cause you more stress and anxiety.

By focusing on your negative past, or negative present, you are poisoning your mind. It is simply impairing and could potentially hurt you mentally. The best thing to do instead is to find out whether or not something that you worried about is controllable. Just take care of the things you can control and let go of those you can’t control.

4. Take a break

Writing this section makes me feel guilty. If you are a person who is very strict in following your schedule (just like me), taking a break is your least priority. However, this practice is unhealthy. Too much of something is definitely a bad thing.

Your mind is like anything else. It is flexible but has a limit. Once you hit the elasticity limit, it can break apart. So if you feel stressed out of something, just take a break. Do something else unrelated. Watch your favorite TV shows or cuddle your pet. Just disconnect your mind from something that makes you stressed.

5. Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake

Alcohol and caffeine are both stimulants. This means that when you drink too much of these substances, your brain will become more active. But in some cases, this is not a good habit. The high amount of caffeine and alcohol could trigger anxiety. So lessen your consumption.

6. Cultivate positive thoughts

One of the best ways to deal with high school anxiety and stress is through positivity. You should believe that you are a person of capabilities. There is nothing that you cannot achieve or do. Your potential is higher than you think.

If you fill your mind with negative thoughts, you will end up in doubts and failures. Whatever you do, focus on the positive side of your experience. Because believe it or not, there’s a bright side in every event.

7. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful way of alleviating anxiety. In fact, doctors may advise this along with medication. But for a simple anxiety, meditation can be enough.

How to deal with high school anxiety? There are many ways you can manage your anxiety. But in extreme cases, do not hesitate to find a professional help.

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