How To Increase Intelligence Naturally By 10%

How to increase intelligence naturally?

 How to increase intelligence naturally

Do you feel inferior because you are intellectually average? Or, do you feel like there’s nothing you can do about it?

Well, that thinking is wrong. In fact, you can improve your IQ level easily.


You may be stunned how simply you can boost your intelligence without spending a dime.

A study led by Professor Jiaying Zhao found the simplest way to boost IQ. Professor Zhao administered a simple activity to the participants – recalling past positive experiences.

The people who participated in the study were the less privileged living in poverty. They were instructed to write all the positive memories they had in their past relationship, job, etc.

The researchers were hoping that such action would help the participants effectively cope with their difficult circumstance.

The finding suggests that retrieving positive experience increases intelligence by 10%.

Professor Jiaying Zhao shared the potential contribution of the study. “This study shows that surprisingly simple acts of self-affirmation improve the cognitive function and behavioral outcomes of people in poverty,” said Zhao.

Self-affirmation studies yielded similar results. Recalling previous positive experiences increases cognitive performance.

This technique works for all people regardless of social statuses and genders. So don’t be hopeless. Becoming a smarter person is easier than you think.

How to increase intelligence naturally?

That’s not all. I know you need more. That’s why I will give you the additional techniques you can use to becoming a smarter person.

The following are the 4 ways to increase your IQ:

1.  Be an eager learner

The best way to learn is having a real interest in acquiring new knowledge. Be a student all the time. Learning does not happen in the classroom as what most people believe. It is happening every day. In fact, life is a learning process.

Read books about science, history, psychology, math, and different languages. This is the best way to honing your cognitive ability.

2.  Play brain games

Instead of sleeping or engaging in trash conversation during your leisure time, spend it on cognitive demanding brain games. Many studies found that brain games really increase IQ.

3.  Stay active

I said this before in my previous articles, but I like to reiterate this. A regular exercise is incredibly important not only on physical health but also on cognition.

For students, it is recommended that a 30-minute walk before study session can be helpful. Even simple physical activity like walking activates the brain making it more active and effective.

4.  Learn to play a musical instrument

It is astonishing to know how learning to play music impacts the brain. Many studies found that the effect of practice on cognition is equivalent to the effect of physical activity.

Do you want to know how to increase intelligence naturally?

Well, this list is for you. I can’t guarantee a perfect result though but it is worth trying.

For years, some of these techniques helped me stay cognitively sharp. This may help you too. 

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