How To Increase Memory Power: 5 Proven Methods

How to increase memory power?

How To Increase Memory Power

The brain is like a muscle, it can be strengthened through practice. But without constant exercise, it will lose its sharpness.

Memories are held in neural connections. The stronger the neural connections the better the memory storage.

This means that you won’t easily forget the information you saved. However, as you grow older, some of these neural connections may have lost their links with each other.

When this happens, you will experience memory gap – a tendency to forget what you have just learned.

Fortunately, according to research, you can do something to improve your memory.

You can fix memory lapses. If your brain is like a muscle, then you can strengthen it by doing simple routines.

In fact, you can naturally increase your memory to become even more productive in school or in your workplace.

The only thing you need to do is to commit yourself to undergo in the process. Like building a muscle, you need persistence and self-discipline.

As long as you follow the right path, you’ll achieve your goal. In this article, I’ll be talking about the five tips on how to increase memory power.

If you want to learn more, just read through the end.

Let’s start.

How To Increase Memory Power: 5 Proven Methods

These methods are proven effective not only in laboratory studies but also in real life experience. However, increasing your brain power requires several techniques.

Some techniques may work for others but not on you. And vice versa. But one thing is certain, your brain gets sharper the more you engage in challenging tasks.

However, if the brain sees no possible solution of the puzzle, for instance, frustration may set in. Because the brain hates problems, you will think that quitting is the best option.

Thus, the first thing you need to develop if you want to increase your memory is to train your brain. You need to commit yourself to sharpen your mind despite all odds.

Are you ready and committed? Do you really want to know how to increase memory power? If yes, then here are the five ways you can follow to sharpen your brain.

  1. Play brain games

Brain games are excellent cognitive stimulants. These games help your brain stay active and sharp. Examples of brain games are Sudoku and chess. These are better than computer-aided games. Computerized games may impair your cognitive performance including focus and short-term memory.

  1. Connect with others

Several studies had shown the importance of socialization. Connecting with others especially with your loved ones can be helpful to your mental health. Surrounding yourself with positive people boosts your well-being which in turn boosts your overall mental ability.

Play traditional games such as Bingo, chess, tennis, and other physical games with your loved ones and friends. The happier you are, the healthier you become.

  1. Stay active

Physical activity is a very good memory enhancer. Many studies had found that physical activity improves brain power. A daily exercise such as walking, dancing, swimming, and other outdoor activities could effectively stimulate your brain.

  1. Eat well

Your brain health depends on your food intake. The healthier food you eat, the healthier your brain becomes. Your brain needs nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich diet.

Some experts recommend the Mediterranean diet. This dietary habit boosts your cardiovascular health. The good thing is that what is healthy for your heart is also healthy for your brain.

  1. Take Brain Supplements

If you want to know additional tips on how to increase memory power, you may want to consider several brain supplements. These are scientifically proven brain supplements that could boost your memory power.

Here, I include some of those supplements.

  1. Brain Boost

Brain Boost is a premium brain function supplement that generally boosts memory, focus, and clarity. It has 41 ingredients combined to produce maximum effect on cognition. This product is perfect not only for students but also for adults.

This supplement is formulated to boost blood circulation in the brain. This natural nootropic does not only increase brain power but also boosts mood and kills stress.

  1. Neuro Ignite

Neuro Ignite is another premium brain supplement that enhances mental performance, positive mood, natural energy, and helps maximize your mental potential.

This supplement is formulated with natural ingredients such as Super Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa extracts. These ingredients help you stay active and focus. It also enhances your mood.

  1. Extreme Clarity

Extreme Clarity is a brain booster. This brain enhancer provides natural calmness, mental clarity, and energy. It will help you in decision making especially during a critical situation.

The ingredients included in this supplement aim to increase mental clarity, concentration, and memory power. This supplement is perfect for college students and busy professionals.

  1. Neuro Plus

The Neuro Plus is an advanced brain supplement support booster. It boosts memory, concentration, clarity, and reduces anxiety. Thus, Neuro Plus will not only improve memory and focus, it will also ease your mind and body.

  1. Focus Factor

Focus Factor is a focus nutrition for the brain. It boosts memory, clarity, and concentration. Studies found that adults who took this supplement were able to improve their memory, concentration, and focus for six weeks. It is the number one health supplement in America.

In conclusion, there are many ways on how to increase memory power. There are free and paid ways you can start right away. If you are that serious to increase your brain power, you need to take action.

Do not wait for a perfect time because it will not come. The best time is now. I hope that this post will help you increase your memory power.