How to Remove Fear from Mind and Heart

How to remove fear from mind and heart?

How to Remove Fear from Mind and Heart

Fear is a common emotional or mental response to a certain situation. It is normal though. In fact, it helps us avoid any dangerous situation.

One benefit of fear is advance preparation. For instance, if you are afraid of failing the upcoming exam, you tend to prepare for the exam by reviewing your lesson early on. Fear in this instance buffers good performance.

People have several responses to fear. Some face it head-on. While others avoid it. Unfortunately, avoidance may only escalate the feeling. So the good way is to deal with it constructively.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some of the effective tips in overcoming fear. Here are three useful tips:

1. Control your fear

Fear is sometimes imaginary. People are afraid of the unknown. For instance, we all don’t know what will happen next after we die. But we are so afraid of this phenomenon. As a result, human beings do everything to prolong life.

The good news is that, as a human being, you can control it. One way of doing this is by sharing the things that cause you to fear. A small talk can be effective. By talking about your current situation, your self-confidence will gradually improve.

2. Find social support

In a stressful or frightening situation, you need people who will back you up. You need moral and social support. Your family and friends can be the best source of your emotional strength.

Without a social support, it is difficult for an individual to endure any stressful situation. A stress that is not shared may trigger a more serious mental problem.

 3. Keep yourself busy

If you are focusing on your fear, the situation may only get worsened. You need to fill your mind with positive thoughts. One good way of doing this is by engaging yourself in physical activities like exercise.

If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can just take a walk to the park, dance, jog, or swim. These simple activities may be enough to divert your mind.


These simple tips on how to remove fear from mind and heart may be applicable to you. However, because people have different responses to fear, these tips may not work for everyone.

The best way to deal with fear is by understanding the things that cause you fear. By understanding your feeling, you will be able to effectively find ways to deal with it.

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