How to Remove Fear from Subconscious Mind

How to remove fear from subconscious mind? Or, is it possible?

How to Remove Fear from Subconscious Mind

Throughout evolution, fear helps humans to survive. Yes, because of fear, our race continues to thrive until now. Without fear, we are more vulnerable to accidents and even death.

But this same feeling could also harm us if remained uncontrolled. It could hinder humans from maximizing their potentials. In fact, the people who were not able to control their fear often left behind. They procrastinate and afraid to take chances. In a way, their life becomes stagnant with no sign of progress.

The unexamined fear could negatively affect physical and psychological health. The good news is that you can always tame such psychological turmoil. Like other mental health issues, fear is something that can be removed or at least controlled.

Here, we will be talking about how you can eliminate fear from your mind. If implemented properly, the following tips will help you achievement mental calmness.

Ways to remove fear from subconscious mind

There are many ways you can eliminate stress. However, I only listed the most effective and easiest to implement tips. So let’s dive in.

1. Control your stress

If you allow stress to linger in your mind, it creates more damage than you think. It triggers the release of stress hormones which in turn could affect your sleep, food appetite, decision-making ability, and your overall cognitive functioning in general.

To save your mind from being stressed, engage in relaxing activities. Meditation is one of the practices that help eliminate stress. The benefits of meditation are seen in many scientific studies. It is natural and free. The only drawback is that meditation takes time to actually reap its benefits. But slowly but surely, you will be able to enjoy the positive outcome.

2. Embrace your fear

The only way to remove the fear from your mind is by actually dealing it head on. You have to face your fear. The good thing about dealing your fear constructively is that you will discover that there’s nothing to be feared.

You have to understand that your fear stems from your inner world. It comes from your mind. Most of the time, fear is created out of the negative thinking pattern. Thus, you feel fear of the unknown. You are afraid of something that has not happened yet. Your mind is very good at creating deceptions which seem to be real.

But honestly, confronting your fear at the first time can be scary. But as you gradually win over it, you will develop self-confidence. Next time, it will be easier for you to deal with fearful situations than ever. So do not turn your back from fear. Face it.

 3. Strengthen your faith

Spirituality can be instrumental to eliminate fear. This is the reason why most people turn to their spiritual practices when facing challenging situations. Your faith in God or in Higher Consciousness is instrumental in gaining strength. Go to worship places or spend time talking to your fellow believers. This will help you gain confidence and sense of assurance.

4. Consult mental health professionals

Counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists are experts in providing help in situations like this. By talking to them, you will be able to reclaim your inner strength. Talk therapy is one of the most effective ways that therapists are using on their clients. It will help a person to identify the causes of his/her fear. And one of the ways that a therapist can do is to help a person develop a positive thinking pattern rather than the negative.

5. Seek medical treatments

Aside from therapy, medical interventions are commonly used for patients with extreme cases. However, this treatment process involves medical professionals. Drug prescription is something that a psychologist or a counselor cannot perform.

This treatment, however, can be expensive depending on the condition. But if your condition is bearable, seeking simple interventions can be a good option. Medical treatment can be the last remedy.

Although fear is healthy, in extreme cases, it could hurt you. But by learning how to control it gives you an advantage over a fearful situation. Now that you already know how to remove fear from subconscious mind, it will be easy for you to reclaim your self-confidence.

I hope that these simple tips will help you live a healthier life once again!

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