How To Stop Being Overly Emotional?

How to stop being overly emotional?

Many people who are overly emotionally sensitive that they often get hurt. They can barely stand against constructive comments because they perceive it as a personal attack.

The problem is that people with high emotional sensitivity tend to avoid failure. As a result, they don’t like taking risks or try a new venture.

In most cases, their relationship, their social life, and self-esteem often affected. If you are a sensitive person, you may experience one of these problems.

So what you can do to take control of your emotional sensitivity?

There are many ways you can do to change the course of your life. In this post, I will be sharing with you some of the things that I personally did.

Like you, I was also an overly emotionally sensitive person. But then I realized that letting myself drown by my irrational emotionally-driven acts only lessens my chances of achieving my goals.

So I decided to develop a stronger version of myself. Although it was not easy, by following some techniques, I think I did it.

Here’s how to stop being overly emotional.

1. Identify your inner feeling

Before you can control your emotion, you must examine your feelings. What do you feel at the very moment? Name it. Is it fear, anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, envy?

This will help you unmask the emotion that clouds your entire being. Now try to understand the causes of such emotions. What triggers your fear, sadness, disappointment, anger, frustration, envy?

2. Find out the “why” of your current feeling

What do you think you feel the way you feel? In my case, the failure to achieve my high standard led me to feel bad. It drained my self-esteem and self-reliance.

For some people, a constructive comment may be hurting their feelings. They cannot accept the fact that they have mistaken. Clinging to an illusion of perfection will make you vulnerable and emotionally fragile.

Failure happens to everyone. There’s no need to worry or feel shame about.

3. Deal with your emotions head on

It is not easy but you should deal with your emotions as honestly as possible. The best way to do is to challenge yourself. At this point, your rationality must dictate your thoughts rather than your emotions.

For instance, if you feel bad on someone who gave you offensive comments, instead of confronting him/her, talk to him/her calmly. But this may be the most difficult thing you can do. Most people failed to handle this type of situation. As a result, they end up in a quarrel.

If you are a sensitive person, controlling your emotion is always a challenge. You need to learn to control your feelings. And most importantly, if you are hurt, do not say anything or act. If you do, chances are, you will end up say or do undesirable things.

If you are frustrated or angry, silence will save you from any untoward consequences. So don’t be compulsive. Or else, you’ll find yourself in trouble.

4. Change your line of thinking

Your emotions are usually the direct result of your thoughts. Thus, you feel bad because of your undesirable experiences that you focus on. Your mind is full of negative imaginations. The key to curtail negativity, however, is by developing a new breed of thinking pattern.

The best way to do this is to focus on the positive and not on the negative side of your experience. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Do not spend time in bad memories.

5. Take a break

It is hard to take control of your feelings if you are bombarded by stress. If you are working in a toxic job, chances are you can be easily driven by your emotion instead of your rational thinking.

The best thing you can do in this instance is to divert your focus on things that could make you happy. Take a break and spend time with your loved ones, your pet, or simply engage in your hobby.

Doing things that you passionate about can make you happy and relax. You will forget the things that bother you.

Being overly emotional is something that can be changed. But the process is more challenging than you think.

It takes time and determination to change yourself. But through practice, you will get there. You’ll be able to achieve your goal in changing your personal life.