How To Succeed In Life Fast: The 8 Quick Tips

How to succeed in life fast?

How To Succeed In Life Fast

The title seems to guarantee a shortcut or magic way to attaining success. But it does not. I wish I could achieve all my goals in a blink of an eye.

In reality, whatever your goal is, there’s always a toll you need to pay. There is always sacrifice and agony.

When I was 14 years old, I dreamed high. I thought I was good enough. And I thought it was easy.

Fuelled by my dream, I traveled thousands of kilometers away from home. Then, I quickly realized that pursuing my dream was incredibly hard. I never thought of the challenges that I’ve come across in my journey.

It took me ten years before I reached my goal. No words could describe how hard it was. But the most important lesson I learned from that experience is that patience pays off.

Millions of dreams are born every day. Unfortunately, those dreams die before they become reality.

Why? Because it is so hard. Most people quit before they reach their destination. Simply because it is so hard to cling to something that is not happening yet.

How do you know that you are on a right path when you don’t see any positive result of what you are doing?

When I was in that situation, I just stare at the heights of successful people. Then I realized that those people experience setbacks too. They failed many times. So if I fail today, Halleluiah, I’ll be successful too!

But there is no guarantee. Your goals may not happen as planned. There is no easy way. Sometimes, you experience consistent failure. What will you do?

Through my painful experiences, I learned important lessons. And I believe that my experience could be of significant value to anyone who desperately wants to know how to succeed in life fast.

However, these tips do not guarantee quick success. Believe it or not, in order to succeed, you need to push yourself towards your breaking point. I have been there and I gave everything until there was nothing left in me. So how did I survive?

Here’s what I did:

1. I focus on commitment

Most people are looking for motivation every day. That’s a bad idea. Why? Because motivation does not last long. The moment you lose it, your goal dies. The better thing to do instead is being committed to your goal. If you are committed to following your dream, you won’t easily break.

2. I always want to gain more knowledge

If you really want to know how to succeed in life fast, you need to embrace learning. Do not focus on the result but in the process. If you only do something because of its end result, you’ll easily get discouraged. Why? In most cases, good results are in the end. So cherish the journey, not the outcome. Learn as much as you can. Knowledge is more valuable than the result.

3. I enjoy every bit of my journey

If you focus mainly on the challenges, you’ll get overwhelmed. So the best thing you can do is make some fun out of your struggles. Think of it as a game. Play your game every day. Have fun.

4. I discard negative thoughts

Scientific findings suggest that negative thoughts affect almost all aspect of your life. They could sabotage your decision and your goal. Ultimately, they will create irrational fear and doubts.

5. I stop being nice to myself

Most people fail because they feel pity for themselves. Thus, more often than not, they tend to avoid challenges that test their strength. If you really want to know how to succeed in life fast, you’ve got to go out and try many unfamiliar opportunities. Stop being nice to yourself. You have to challenge your fear. When you really want to achieve something, do it even if you are afraid. Believe me, your fear will not kill you.

6. I did not tolerate distractions

This is not easy to do. In life, there are many distractions that you can’t control. But if you badly want to succeed, you have to focus your energy and attention on something that brings your goal into reality. Prioritize the most important thing you need to accomplish.

7. I did not rely on other people

You can’t succeed any goal without other people. You need others to help you and guide you sometimes. But you can’t rely on them all the time. You need to build your own success. Because if you don’t, no one will do it for you.

8. I always make a plan

Plans are very important. Before starting any project, make a plan on how the things go. Know the steps and the possible outcome before you begin the journey. In this way, you’ll minimize failure.

How to succeed in life fast? My response to this question is that there is no fast way. However, you can achieve your biggest goals quicker than others by knowing what you do.

My experience taught me these strategies. They work. And I believe that these could work for you too.

I forgot – please do not believe in luck. Believe in yourself and in your ability instead!

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