Human Motivation: Why Is It Too Hard To Get Motivated?

Why is human motivation so fragile?

Human Motivation

There is a reason why most of your new year’s resolution failed.

There is a reason why you abandoned your dream to achieve financial freedom, to be a champion in your sport, to succeed at school, etc.

Furthermore, there is a reason why you quit believing in yourself.

In this post, let me discuss very shortly the reasons why you failed most of your goals.

The hindrances of human motivation

If you are living within one of these concepts, you’ll easily get frustrated.

1. Inability of making internal representations

You are capable of setting your goals. No doubt about it. But have you made a clear vision of what you want to be?

The brain loves visual and sensory stimuli such as tastes, smells, sounds, touches, and images. These stimuli stimulate the brain.

The secret of achieving success is creating internal representations of the goal. The clearer the image, the more you get excited and the greater your chance of pursuing it.

When you ask successful people, they will tell you that having a clear vision of your goals actually helps you focus and motivated all the way.

2. Entitlement

Bad memories are bad for your brain and whole physical health. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that their past burned their psychological mechanism.

As a result, they will easily get strayed from their goal. Most of us attribute this to procrastination. A person who procrastinates is the one who is weak and doesn’t follow through.

Human motivation is so fragile that if you don’t feel entitled or worthy of what you do, it breaks.

3. Internal conflicts

Human motivation cannot coexist with clashing values. For instance, you want to achieve something but sacrifices the other, it divides your attention. Oftentimes, internal conflicts will result in stagnation.

So if you want to remain motivated, you need to settle internal conflicts. Determine your priorities.

There are tons of reasons why we easily get bored and lost our motivation. The reason behind is that human motivation is vulnerable to both internal and external forces.

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