The Importance Of A First Impression In Influencing Others

What is the importance of a first impression?

Importance Of A First Impression

Whether you’re a leader or someone who wants to be on top of any social situation, you want to establish influence. An influential leader can impact his followers without doing anything. This is not a coincidence. Being influential is something that can be developed. This means that you can be an effective leader if you want to.

To be an effective leader or an influential person, you need to understand the importance of a first impression. But before you can achieve that goal, you need to examine your inner self. Your self-concept, the way you see yourself in comparison to others, play an important role on how you can establish influence.

Influence can be of different forms depending on the context you operate. But it starts with the same principle. Before you can make an impact on others, you must have a strong sense of self-efficacy. You must believe that you can without any shade of doubt.

How important is the first impression?

Although this may not be true in some cases, the first impression does magic not only in social situations but also in business. A consumer for instance, who is impressed by a product’s packaging may buy the product without having prior knowledge. In this case, the impression does the selling.

In hiring, interviewers based their decision on their impression on the applicant’s attribute. The impression could determine your fate when you sell something or when you apply for a job. This is the reason why creating an impressive personal image is important.

How long does a first impression last?

This is a subjective question. But scientific studies found an objective answer. For instance, one study suggests that first impression would only last for 30 seconds. And in this span of time, a person makes his/her decision. So if you want to sell something or influence, someone, you only have 30 seconds to convince your customer. Or, if you are applying for a job, you only have 30 seconds to convince the interviewer.

How to be impressive?

Now that you know the importance of a first impression, it’s time to become a more impressive person. For most people, this is a challenging undertaking. Only the masters of influence know that this is easier than what most people think.

Today, you will learn the basic way to impress others. One study found that introducing yourself using your complete name could impress others. Using your full name sounds professional. This, in turn, creates a great impression.

Using a full name when introducing yourself does not only work in a face to face conversation but also in any media of conversation. Believe it or not, your name bears a powerful signal to the people around you.

If you want to gain influence on any social situations, don’t forget to use your own name. This is not magic. It is simply the psychology of impression that almost no one knows. Now that you have it, it’s time to exploit its power!

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