How To Increase Brain Power Fast According To Science

Can you increase brain power fast?

Increase Brain Power Fast

You may be thinking that becoming a fast thinker and mentally sharp is difficult. But it is not. In fact, there is a very easy way to increase brain power fast.

One study found that cocoa flavanols have a significant positive effect on the brain. The researchers found that within hours after consuming flavanols the memory improves.

In addition, cocoa flavanols also boost visual information processes and reduce the effect of sleep deprivation.

However, the effect was found more significant among younger individuals.

People who regularly consume chocolate tend to have healthier mental health. They have improved cognitive performance that includes focus, attention, and verbal fluency.

Cocoa flavanols prevent mental decline in older people. In fact, when elder individuals consume a high amount of flavanols their memory becomes sharper.

The authors of the study, Dr. Valentina Socci, and Dr. Michele Ferrara concluded:

“This result suggests the potential of cocoa flavanols to protect cognition in vulnerable population over time by improving cognitive performance.”

Because of the positive outcome, the researchers recommend the regular consumption of high-flavanol diet.

The authors added:

“Regular intake of cocoa and chocolate could indeed provide beneficial effects on cognitive functioning over time.”

However, consuming cocoa flavanols should be of great caution. Why? Because it may have some side effects.

In other words, too much cocoa or chocolate intake may have some negative outcome.

The authors remind that chocolate or cocoa contain other substances that if overly consumed may result in negative result.

“Those are generally linked to the caloric value of chocolate, some inherent chemical compounds of the cocoa plant such as caffeine and theobromine, and a variety of additives we add to chocolate such as sugar or mild.”

Despite the reminder, the researchers recommend the regular consumption of flavanols.

“Dark chocolate is a rich source of flavanols. So we always eat some dark chocolate. Every day.”

Chocolate may be one of the ways to increase brain power fast.