How To Use Your Voice To Influence People

The simplest way to influence people is through your voice.

Influence People

Most people have no idea that their voice pitch has a significant impact on their conversation.

If you want to convince people, you better watch out your voice. But how will you establish influence in the starting phase of your conversation?

A research published in 2016 found that lowering your voice can make others agree.

But that’s not all, the study also found that a lower voice can also make others admire you.

This may be the first study that focused solely on voice pitch. Most of the influence study in the past generally focused on posture.

Dr. Joey Cheng, the leading author talked about the study. “What excites me about this research is that we now know a little bit more about how humans use their voices to signal status,” said Cheng.

It turns out that not only your posture affects how you influence people. “… this study clearly shows that there’s something about the voice that’s very interesting and very effective as a channel of dynamically communicating status,” Cheng added.

Your voice can signal dominance to others. But to be influential, you don’t need to raise your voice.

Instead, you need to lower it. Control your tempo. Speak softly but clearly. Experts suggest that a low tone voice can actually drive interest.

“… we found that when the voice in the recording goes down in pitch, people judge the person as wanting to be more influential, more powerful, more intimidating or more domineering,” Cheng explained.

Humans are not the only animals who use their voice to display dominance. Dr. Joey Cheng observed the same behavior among other animals.

“Our study adds to the evidence that humans, like many other animals, use their voices to signal and assert dominance over others,” said Cheng.

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