Interesting Psychological Questions To Ask To Know Someone

What are the interesting psychological questions to know someone better?

Interesting Psychological Questions

Psychology operates in our lives in everything we do. It affects our decision, attitude, and behavior. But only a few people notice its governing power.

Since birth, your way of perceiving the world was already shaped by the psychological forces. Understanding how it works will give you a tremendous advantage over others. I am not talking about “dark psychology” here. I am simply reiterating how powerful the mind is.

The good news is that we all have some sort of advantage if we only know how to use our inner capability. To get ahead of anyone, you might need to understand how to use psychology in your favor.

Psychology works in every aspect of our life. And there are a million techniques you can take advantage of every circumstance. But what I would like to share with today are the simple techniques to win, or perhaps make every social situation works to your advantage.

You don’t need an advanced degree in psychology to know a stranger better for the first time you meet. If you have the courage to ask a few questions, you are good to go.

There are simple yet effective questions that could help you size up others’ behavior and attitude. Take the following examples:

Interesting Psychological Questions

1. If there are 5 words that best describe you, what are they?

A person can give a million adjectives that may reflect his/her personality. But limiting it in a fewer number will encourage the person to think more quickly. Sometimes, strangers will give five long sentences instead of five short simple words. That’s totally okay.

The response to this questions will give you a hint who is this person you are dealing with. If you had been in a job interview before, you probably remember this type of question.

But this will not necessarily give you an accurate assessment of a person’s total upbringing. Sometimes people would deliberately hide their true selves in order to create a positive first impression. At least it gives you an idea.

2. What are your 3 biggest weaknesses

The common practice in the job interview is asking the applicant the strengths and weaknesses. A seasoned interviewer will automatically spot who is telling a lie or telling the truth.

This may work also in an informal social interaction. In most cases, people who are honest accept their strength and weakness without hesitation. Liars, on the other hand, may hide their negative side and only give positive adjectives for themselves. You have to think of it; we all have weaknesses and strengths. A person without these both tendencies may be lying.

3. What makes you proud of?

This question gives you a quick assessment of a person’s current status or interests. Any response to this question somehow allows you to see a person’s personal life. Most often, it tells you what interests that person the most. It partially reveals what a person is up to.

4. What are your favorite movies?

This may seem simple but believe it or not, it is one of the most interesting psychological questions to ask. The reason being is that in some studies, movie genre tells something about a viewer’s personality.

Not only movies could tell a person’s personality, it can also reveal a person’s level of intelligence. Intelligent people tend to watch movies related to science, social and psychological issues, etc.

5. What do you dream about often?

This will give you an idea of a person’s current experience and aspiration. Although dream analysis is often discredited by science, neither do I believe that dreams have meaning, but somehow, in some instances, dreams could reflect a person’s experiences especially the challenges.

I have dreams that really manifest my current experience. For instance, when I formulate research topics in psychology, the more I think about the concept, the more it reveals in my dream. Some people may have the same experience. It is my “unfounded theory” that everything that activates our brain to think lingers in our mind even in our dreams.

Whether dreams are true or not, people love to talk about it. Asking this question to a stranger will not only give you a glimpse of a person’s attitudinal or behavioral attributes but also helps you know the person better.

6. If there’s something you want to have right now, what is it?

This is one of the best interesting psychological questions you want to ask. It reveals someone’s current struggles, values, and inner feeling. Asking this question helps you assess whether a person is mentally or physically well.

Most often, responses are in a form of wishes. These wishes directly resemble the things that a person aims to achieve.

7. What are the things you want to do for the rest of your life?

This question reveals a person’s aspirations and passion. It could also reflect a person’s personality traits and attitude. It gives you an idea of what the person is interested in.

8. What do you think the craziest thing you’ve done in your life?

This question reveals a person’s gut or boldness. You can tell whether a person is a risk taker or not. This may also give you an idea whether a person has a strong sense of purpose and courage.

9. What do you think the hardest thing you’ve done in your life?

All people have beautiful dreams in them. But most of them never realize the dream. Only the bold and conscientious one. This question reveals a person’s willingness to take a risk and persevere. Is he/she bold enough to follow his/her dreams through the end?

10. What is your most dream job?

This will reveal a person’s values, personality, and interest. Job preference reflects a person’s personality traits. For instance, people who love working alone as a writer or website developer tend to be introverts. Introverted people don’t like too much social interaction. Hence, they, more often than not, prefer a work that can be done at home.

Although these simple interesting psychological questions could reveal someone’s internal world, these are far from perfect. No one can really tell the entirety of a person by merely analyzing his/her story.

If you want to know a person deeply, you may need specialized tools to do that. Nonetheless, it is my hope that this simple article gives you an idea of how to connect with others well.

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