How Does an Intimate Relationship Develop and Last

What makes an intimate relationship grow?

Intimate Relationship

An intimate relationship is defined as “an interpersonal relationship that involves physical and emotional intimacy.” The intimate relationship is often the source of happiness. Almost all people engage in this type of social connection.

How does an intimate relationship develop?

A relationship between two individuals of any age is usually formed due to closeness. In psychology, this is called “physical proximity.”

Proximity is a term being used to describe the closeness between two people. So relationship starts with being close with another person – a person who becomes the target of attraction.

In both infant and adult intimate relationships, the development of attachment emanates from physical proximity. Infants develop an attachment with their parents to feel secure. In adult romantic relationships, however, sexual attraction is believed to be the ultimate force that causes the development of attachment.

What makes an intimate relationship lasts?

Not all enduring relationships are satisfying. According to attachment theory, a satisfying relationship is a type of relationship that meets basics needs of both partners.

A satisfying relationship is not a perfect one. Of course, conflict may be always part of the equation. The only thing that creates such satisfying atmosphere is trust.

Trust allows couples to engage in an open communication. It encourages constructive argument. This open communication helps couples resolve the conflict between them.

But what makes an unsatisfying relationship lasts?

There is an ongoing debate on this issue. However, the best empirical basis as to why unsatisfying relationship lasts is the attachment theory.

One of the assumptions of attachment theory is that people are afraid of separation. A separation will eventually create feelings of anxiety. Because breakup threatens emotional security, people think that an unhappy relationship is better than a wrecked one.

As a result, some people stay in an unhappy or unsatisfying relationship.

Finding someone

Finding someone to engage in a relationship is more than a coincidence. Instead, we tend to find someone who is similar to us. Theories on intimate relationship propose that compatibility needs similarity.

However, finding compatible someone is not an easy task. It takes time. This involves participating in several social interactions. The larger the group one involves the higher the probability of finding the compatible person.

The modern way of social interaction is through social media. The internet is the most powerful socialization medium. As a result of many relationships, today started in social media interaction.

Examining compatibility is more difficult than finding the person. People tend to behave in the nicest way possible to impress others. So to know whether or not a person is compatible with you, you need to stay close to that person for a long period of time.

To conclude, intimate relationship is a complex process. It involves work and a lot of patience. Love and understanding are the key elements of success in an intimate relationship.

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