10 Signs That You Have An Intimidating Personality

We are living in a jungle. The strongest would fit in and the weak will be thrown away – defeated. This is life. You always have two choices: fight or die.

The jungle becomes sophisticated now. The lions become tamed. But, they are still lions. You see these lions every day. They are the people who often cause change and impact on society on a huge scale.

These people are always intimidating. Their look is enough to cause worry and fear for many people. Sometimes, people think that they are harmful.

However, intimidating people are not rude. The labels that we give to them may be wrong. It is because what we can only see is the external part of their personality. Thus, we don’t really know them. In fact, intimidating people are nice and caring. Our first impression is not always right.

The best leaders are like lions. They have the most intimidating personality traits. Everything that they touch will turn into something. Either in business or in politics, the impact of these people are huge.

Here are the signs that you have an intimidating personality:

1. You have words of honor

One of the fascinating characteristics of intimidating people is honesty. When they say something, they do it. They never late for an important appointment. Their words are rules. And they make sure that they are the first ones to follow those rules.

2. You always straight to the point

When you want to express your thoughts, you do it in a very clear manner regardless of who will get hit. You don’t want to hurt somebody but you can’t tell a lie. People may think you are sarcastic. But you’re not. You just love to say what is real. This is a good sign that you have an intimidating personality.

3. You are open to new ideas

You love wisdom. So you keep an open mind. You are passionate about trying new things and grab any opportunity that comes in your way. You never hesitate to take risks.

4. You don’t just follow, you lead

You were born that way. Your very nature is not to become a subordinate, but to become a leader. Your strength is part of your intimidating personality make up. Instead of crying over your problems, you stand up and find or create solutions. Above all, you don’t accept excuses.

5. You have an extraordinary kind of determination

It is easy for most people to quit when they face challenges. Most people can’t stand in the middle of their problems. But you are an exemption. As a lion, you are strong both physically and psychologically. Your mind and heart are built with extraordinary determination and perseverance. You can’t stop. And no one can stop you.

6. You hate people who have the habit of complaining

One of your intimidating personality nature is making sure that every task is done without complaining. This is the reason why you don’t accept others who always complain. You hate people who have many excuses. What you want is people who love challenges – people who are problem solvers.

7. You hate judgmental people

You don’t like negative people or people who always complain, but you don’t judge others. As a result, you hate people who tell you gossips. Your principle is just and firm. You are an open-minded person but you can’t accept useless talks.

8. You value knowledge

You are wise. Sometimes you don’t say a word in the middle of a conversation. Not because you don’t know what to say, but because you are making a profound point. Again, this is a reflection of your intimidating personality.

9. You love silence over small talk

Because you love knowledge, you hate small talks. This is a waste of time. You rather stay alone than going along with unwitty people. You found people who do the small talks boring.

10. You are a nice person

Your intimidating personality misleads people’s perceptions. They thought you are arrogant and impatient. But they are wrong. The truth is that you are nice, if not the nicest person in the world. The problem of most people is that their mind always works on autopilot. They don’t bother to consider different sides of a story. They are dictated by their unconscious mind most of the time.

If you are an intimidating person, you are and always will be a victim of wrong labels. Judgmental people will give you a wrong assessment of your personality.