9 Signs That You’re Really An Introvert

If you are an introvert, you may have possessed the following characteristics:


If you are an introvert person, you may agree with me when I say that you are not what other people think about you. You have a lot of nice personality characteristics that most people don’t aware of. Or, perhaps they are just ignoring your potentials.

If you are an introverted person, people may have judged you wrongly. Most people think that your calmness is a signal of social inattention and indifference. But they are far from being right. As an introvert, you don’t hate people. In fact, Susan Cain in her book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, points out that introverts are warm and do care others. Unfortunately, many people don’t really understand the true nature of an introvert person.

The following behavioral tendencies are common to introverted people. See whether or not these characteristics apply to you.

1. You are more productive when alone

As an introvert, you tend to spend most of your time alone. Most people interpret it as aloof. But what they didn’t see is the reality that you are at your best when alone. You become more creative during quiet times. In Serenity, you find your strength. Thus, you love a quiet moment. Ultimately, you find happiness in your own world.

2. You are wiser in quiet moments

You participate in meetings or in class discussions but it takes a quiet moment for you to come up with a profound solution to a problem. This is because you are wiser when alone. A quiet place helps you see the problem multi-dimensionally. And from that perspective, it will naturally appear in your thought process the creative side of your personality. Guess what, the outcome is something that you can be proud of.

3. You can be the best leader

Because most people believe that you hate others, they don’t believe in your capability to lead a group. But you know it isn’t true. Because the truth is that you can be a leader. You can lead when no one else in a group has the leadership ability.

I remember during my high school days when our teacher had given us an activity. The teacher instructed us to draw a random picture on a wide paper. It was a group activity so she required every one of us to contribute to it.

As an introvert, I was quietly joining the group and just observing what everyone was doing. What I noticed was that no one knew how to draw a picture. Several minutes had passed, the group started to worry. But I knew I could make it. So I decided to take responsibility. I grabbed the pencil and completed the drawing. My group mates were surprised. They didn’t know that I could draw.

Introverts have a vast reserve amount of talents and creativity. But people can’t always see it in social interactions. It is because introverts are silent creators. They don’t want others to see their own world. So they covered it with silence.

4. You are last to answer when someone asks a question from your group

As an introvert, you tend not too eager to respond to a question either in class or in any group discussions. Extraverts have the courage to speak first. They raise their hand almost automatically to respond to a question. But as an introvert, you just want to sit at the back and remain quiet for the rest of the activity. But it does not mean that you don’t know the answer. You just want to remain silent. Unless your teacher or someone asks you a question.

5. Others love your opinion

Because you’re an introvert, you don’t talk much. But your silence often intrigues others. During a business meeting or a regular family gathering, you just listen and let others (extraverts) do the talk. People who have a high level in introversion (like you), do not participate much in the conversation. They just listen to the noise. But deep inside, an introvert draws his/her own decision and approach to the issue. Interestingly, an introvert, the quietest person in the room often has the best idea.

6. You tend to avoid social interaction

As an introvert, dealing with strangers can be challenging to you. That’s why wherever you go, whether you’re walking at a crowded place or making your way to a bus station, you find ways to avoid social interaction. Some of your strategies are avoiding eye contact and keeping your head down while walking. But today, the technological advancement provides you more shield. Most introverts wear headphones just to let strangers know that they can’t hear anything other than the music in their ears. In addition, wearing headphones symbolizes that they are not interested in a conversation.

7. You are potentially sensitive to a negative evaluation of others

One of the most evident characteristics of introverts is emotional sensitivity. As an introvert, you don’t want to deal with an angry person. This is because you don’t want to hear negative words knowing that an angry person is capable of saying anything. As a result, you tend to avoid people who are in a bad mood. You find great timing when you need to approach someone.

8. You less likely to engage with your online friends

If you are an introvert person, your social media activity might be limited. You probably received more invitations and more emails than you sent to your online friends. Even in social media, the idea of socialization remains a challenge to you. But it does not mean that you are a snob. You just don’t want to start any form of conversation. Unless your job requires it. Some jobs require you to do outreach activities such as sending emails to clients regularly. Or, if you are in a business process outsourcing, your job requires you to make phone calls every day. If that is your case, you may be forced to do the things you hated the most as an introvert. Even though your job becomes your routine, and you get accustomed to it, it does not mean that you love it. In fact, some introverts can’t handle such job and they more likely to quit than to stay.

9. You don’t feel good about sharing your personal experiences with strangers

As an introvert person, you have the same experiences as extroverts do. You feel irritated by the weather or get stressed about the traffic, but you don’t share it with your fellow passengers on the bus. Instead, you keep it inside you. Extraverts are the people who find it comfortable sharing their personal experiences with strangers. But not you. Most of the time, your best friend is yourself.

Being an introvert has many advantages. Because you don’t like social interactions, you will not easily get bored when alone. You can exist in the absence of others. Unlike other people who easily get depressed when they encounter problems, you can handle your own problem and solve it alone. The only problem you might have is the people’s judgment. Other people might consider you as an aloof person who hates others. Or, in some cases, your silence can be wrongly assessed as the sign of superiority – that you consider yourself above others.

If you see these things apply to you, that means that you are an introvert. And if you have something to share or add to this article, just leave a comment below.

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