I’m Not A Snob. I’m An Introvert: The Different Side Of Me

I’m an introvert, I’m not what you think I am.


It may sound ironic, but it’s true. People might think that I’m a good communicator, a talker because I’m a teacher. But I’m not really what they think I am. I’m teaching psychology courses at the university but I’m not a sociable person. The truth of the matter is that I can’t stand talking to strangers.

But I can talk in the class. I don’t know. But maybe it’s my passion that led me to my profession. I love talking about psychology subjects to my students. But really, I’m an introvert. Some people might think that I’m a snob person. No, I don’t mean it. I am just an introvert.

What does introvert mean?

Different books in psychology define introvert (or introversion) in many ways. But the simplest definition of the word is that – it is a tendency of a person to focus on his/her own thoughts and feelings. Thus, introverted people are not sociable. They prefer staying alone.

Students always surprise when I tell them that I’m an introvert. They just can’t believe that someone talking before them is a person who escapes social interaction. And they ask, “How do you manage to stand in front of us?” I just smile and leave no response.

I think most people misunderstood introversion. To me, being an introvert does not mean that I always run away from any social situation. In fact, I sometimes love talking to other people. I want to hear personal stories. The only thing that I would not do is introducing myself to the crowd. I prefer being in a background. You know what I mean.

Most introverts hate any kind of conversation. I am too. But not when I need to say something. To me, being introverted makes me an effective communicator. Why? Because I don’t say anything unless it is necessary. Some people find it “deep”. But it’s actually good. In fact, people hate talkers who have always say things that aren’t valuable.

Introverted people tend to size up social situation. We may not be good talkers, but we are deep. We contemplate our words before uttering them.

So, yes, I’m an introvert. But it does not mean that I’m not capable of talking to other people. I don’t confine myself to my room. And I can do what extroverts can.

I may be silent, but I’m not a snob. I’m just an introvert.

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