A Kind of Humor That Can Make You Happier

How to be happier?


For centuries, humans sought to find eternal happiness. Everyone wants to be happy.

However, in most cases, becoming happy is a hard thing to do. The reason why most of us don’t find happiness is that we seek it in the wrong place.

Most people tend to find happiness from material things. This is a wrong place to start. Because happiness cannot be found on the outside – it emanates from the inside.

If you want to be happier, you don’t have to explore your outer world. You rather need to ask yourself what really makes you happy.

For many people, happiness is elusive. But contrary to the common belief, becoming happier is easier than you think.

In fact, in recent scientific finding, researchers found that people who laugh at themselves are happier. In addition, people who are humorous were also found to be more sociable.

The key here is not the humour itself but the ability to use humour to laugh at oneself. People who are capable of laughing their own imperfections are psychologically healthier.

The first author of the study, Jorge Torres Martin explained the result. “… a greater tendency to employ self-defeating humour is indicative of high scores in psychological well-being dimensions such as happiness and, to a lesser extent, sociability,” said Martin.

Of course, not all humour can make people happier. Some could hurt other’s feelings.

For instance, aggressive humour is commonly used by angry people to express their anger.

Most people who use aggressive humour are those who have negative experiences.

The best implication of the study is that you don’t have to be perfect, or have everything to be happier. What you need is laughter.

Be appreciative of the things around you. Welcome happiness. Open your heart with positivity. If you really want to be happier in your life, you’ll achieve it.