7 Kinds of Happiness: Which One Is Yours?

Which of the following kinds of happiness do you experience?

Kinds of Happiness

Happiness is one of the most difficult concepts to study. Some believe that happiness has several levels. While others believe that happiness is something that is difficult to measure.

But regardless of its complexity, it is clear that we experience happiness many times in our lives. We know what it feels like.

Different people may have different reasons for becoming happy. And sometimes, the reason becomes the meaning of existence.

Let’s take a look different kinds of happiness we experience every day.

1. Nature Happiness

Nature is one of the things that make us happy. This is the reason why most of us love to see natural landscapes such as lakes, rivers, flowers, trees, etc. In fact, some research findings found that nature can make us happy. It relieves stress and depression.

2. Social Happiness

Social interaction is one of the key elements of becoming happy. There is a scientific evidence for this claim. The Harvard study is the longest research (75 years) which asks only one question: “What makes people happy?” The consistent answer was found to be the “quality relationship”. This may include intimate relationship, family relationship, and social relationship.

3. Vocational Happiness

One of the kinds of happiness you might experience is vocational happiness. Of course, not all jobs are enjoyable. But when you do what you love, your job may not look like a job to you. You don’t complain. You just enjoy doing it.

4. Physical Happiness

Being physically and psychologically healthy may have a huge positive impact on our well-being. People who are healthy are happier than those who have a sickness. Without a doubt, health plays an important role in the volatility of our affect.

5. Felix

This is one of the kinds of happiness that stems from having a high level of self-esteem. People will most likely feel happy when they found that they are better than others. People who are wealthier, more educated, more brilliant, and more successful tend to be happier.

6. Beatitudo

Helping others is another way of becoming happy. This makes altruism becomes questionable. Some believe that there’s no real altruistic behavior. Why? Because helping others makes us happy. And because it boosts our positive feeling, we tend to repeat it. So we help not because we are altruistic but because we want to be happy.

7. Laetus

This type of happiness is derived from material things. We are happier if we can afford what we want. This is the reason why most of us strive every day to get the dream life. Although material things are not the sole predictors of human happiness, they play a powerful role.

There are different kinds of happiness that people may experience every day. We all have it at some point. What’s yours? Leave a comment below.

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