The Inexpensive Cure For Lack Of Sleep

Achieving a sufficient sleep can be difficult sometimes. This is the greatest problem for some people. Loss of sleep impairs human’s ability in many aspects. In fact, it can cause several problems.

1. Lack of sleep can cause accidents

Sleep is found to be the cause of road accidents. In the United States alone, it caused more than one hundred thousand auto accidents.

Sleep deprivation also causes accidents in workplaces.

2. Lack of sleep slows the down cognitive ability

Sleep loss can deteriorate many cognitive abilities. It can impair focus, attention, reasoning, and problem-solving ability. Lack of sleep makes it difficult for an individual to learn.

During sleep, the brain consolidates information. This means that if you don’t have enough sleep, you’ve missed the opportunity to remember the information you’ve just learned.

3. Lack of sleep causes several health problems

Sleep loss is not only detrimental to mental health but also on the physical. Depriving yourself of getting enough sleep can ultimately result in serious health issues.

In most instances, lack of sleep causes irregular heartbeat, heart attack, heart failure, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes.

4. Lack of sleep impairs sex drive

Loss of sleep also associated with the loss of appetite in sexual activity. This is because lack of sleep lowers the libido of both men and women.

5. Lack of sleep can cause depression

Many studies found that loss of sleep is associated with many depressive symptoms. Sleep loss and depression are boosting each other.

Sleep loss will result in depression, and depression can make a person unable to sleep.

6. Lack of sleep can cause obesity

Many studies had found that insufficient sleep boosts appetite. Thus, some people who don’t have enough sleep often gain weight.

Obviously, sleep loss has several disadvantages. If you are one of those who find difficulties in getting sufficient sleep, this article for perfect for you.

Getting enough sleep is easier than you think. A research paper published recently found that keeping your window open before bed could improve your quality of sleep.

For some reason, fresh air was found to be helpful in gaining quality sleep.

However, opening a window cannot be the best option in polluted areas. In that case, you can use scents to change your room’s ambiance.

In the study, the participants sleep quality was improved.

The authors of the study had concluded:

It has been shown that when bedroom air quality was improved in these experiments:

  • Subjects reported that the bedroom air was fresher.
  • Sleep quality improved.
  • Responses on the Groningen Sleep Quality scale improved.
  • Subjects felt better the next day, less sleepy, and more able to concentrate.
  • The subject’s performance of a test of logical thinking improved.

The next time you go to bed, be sure that you have enough supply of fresh air.