Why People who Fart in front of their Partners Have a More Lasting Relationship

Lasting Relationship

It is ironic to hear that doing something seemingly inappropriate can actually help develop a lasting relationship. One article claims that “people who fart in front of their partners have a more lasting relationship.”

Here is the part of the article:

Usually, doing unpleasant things in front of their partner is something that people often avoid, because we want to show the best of ourselves to be able to make that person fall in love. But with time and trust this changes.

An author of family psychology called Leah Decesare, has written a research paper which confirms that a lasting relationship is based on complete trust and sincerity, and we get this being as natural as possible.

What is the relationship between farting and lasting relationship?

What makes a fart effective in increasing lasting relationship? Well, to me, it is not the fart itself that increases intimacy – it is the impact of such action. Farting creates laughter because in most cases, it is a hilarious act. In addition, farting in front of your partner signals something-feeling of intimacy and acceptance.

Many people may find it disgusting to even talk about this natural biological phenomenon. But doing so in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend actually manifests that you are already comfortable being with him or her.

The author added:

… women are seen as delicate and fragile, the fact of farting in front of her boyfriend, make them more attractive and creates empathy with their partner.

Laughter is an effective strategy in maintaining intimate relationship. Another article claims that:

… sharing humorous experiences with your partner contributes to increased feelings of intimacy and closeness. Humor is a very personal aspect of our personalities, as proven by the fact that we don’t all share the same sense of humor. For this reason, it makes sense that when we share genuine laughter with someone else, then we feel as if they understand who we are a little better.

Farting, however, is not always funny. It is only hilarious within the circle of people who have trust to each other. Therefore you should not do it with strangers.

In fact, the author who wrote about farting warns;

… you must hold it at all cost in front of other people, but with your partner shouldn’t be any kind of issue. Farting is as natural as laughing, crying or eating.

It is amazing how a seemingly disgusting act can turn a relationship around. Farting is a sign of empathy, trust, and confidence between partners.

How about you? Did you fart in front of your partner? Feel free to leave your story below.

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