The Learning Method That Students Don’t Use

The best learning method that can lead you to academic success.

Learning Method

Most students tend to study in a common way. It is cramming that most students use. As a result, their grades suffer at the end of the semester.

But there’s a simple and best way of studying that does not require tremendous effort.

One study found that an effective learning method is spreading. This means that you should spread out the allotted time for studying.

This method is also known as the “distributed practice.” In this technique, you break down the long study session into short many sessions.

The brain cannot hold multiple information simultaneously. Thus, short study sessions make you learn more.

In an attempt to remember the tremendous amount of information, the brain’s capacity to store those information deteriorates. This is the reason why cramming is not effective.

To learn effectively, you should practice one piece of information at a time. Do not just rely on your highlighting, memorizing, underlining, and other common study practices.

Instead, test how much you have already learned.

One of the authors of the study, Professor John Dunlosky believed that an intermittent practice is better than the traditional study methods.

Dunlosky concluded that:

“I was shocked that some strategies that students use a lot – such as rereading and highlighting – seem to provide minimal benefits to their learning and performance. By just replacing rereading with delayed retrieval practice, students would benefit.”

But no one can blame the students for sticking to the unproductive study strategies. This is because no one teaches them the right learning method.

It seems that there is a huge gap of information. Professor Dunlosky is right when he said:

“These strategies are largely overlooked in the educational psychology textbooks that beginning teachers read, so they don’t get a good introduction to them or how to use them while teaching.”

The irony is that the idea of distributed practice was discovered a hundred years ago and yet almost no one is using it.

Instead, students and professionals are still using the unproductive study strategies.

If you are a student who struggles with your academic activities, change your study habit.

Make a completely different learning method that benefits you the most – the distributed practice.

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In this book, you will learn how to study less and achieve more academic success. It will save your time and energy.

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