10 Life Hacks That Make Your Life Easier

Life hacks are helpful to make life easier.

Life Hacks

We all want instant success. And we want to stay ahead of every game.

However, not all undertakings are easy. Some require a real amount of time, energy, and money.

So how can you win and make your life easier?

In this article, let me share with you some of the helpful things you need to fulfill easy life.

Not only these life hacks can make you effective, it will also give you better decisions in many situations.

So let’s start…

The powerful life hacks

1. When working, keep your phone out of sight.

Yes, you read it right. One study at the University of California, Irvine, found that cell phones are detrimental to workers’ performance. In fact, on average, it takes 23 minutes for a worker to get him/her back to work.

Cell phones are one of the most common sources of distraction. So if you want to work faster and efficient, stay away from your phone.

Keep it out of sight.

2. Posture builds self-confidence.

Standing straight with hands hanged is a good sign that you are confident. Try this when you do a class presentation or during a casual conversation and you’ll feel confident.

3. You are not always right.

As you grow older, you’ll learn that you can’t be perfect. You should be okay with that. Stop being perfect because you’re not. It only hurts you. Instead, ask questions if necessary. That’s what brilliant people do.

4. A liar makes an intense eye contact.

Most people believe that a liar can not stand with an eye contact. But it’s not necessarily true all the time. In fact, liars make intense eye contact just to make people believe they’re not lying.

5. When you’re depressed, put a pencil in your mouth.

Putting a pencil in your mouth when you’re depressed triggers the release of hormones which trigger happy feelings.

6. You can control your craving through your forehead.

You really want to lose weight but you can’t control junk food-craving. Don’t worry, you have a total control of it.

The next time you feel the urge to eat those junk foods, just tap your forehead for 30 seconds and you stop craving.

This is because “tapping your forehead distracts your mind.”

This trick is one of the life hacks that you can apply in almost all areas of your life.

7. Mental focus needs coffee.

Yes, a cup of coffee can increase your mental focus. The Harvard study also found the benefits of drinking coffee. It can even decrease the possibility of developing Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and depression symptoms.

8. Two cups of water can increase metabolism.

Drinking at least two cups of water before eating or drinking coffee in the morning can boost metabolism. It can also help the toxins flush out from your body.

9. Stop making promises.

To make a promise is what most people do. If you want people to love and trust you, don’t promise just do it.

10. If you are curious about many things, dial 1(334)8444244.

If you want to find answers to most of your questions, or maybe you want more life hacks, dial the number above. It calls the Auburn University and they will give you the answer.

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