Marriage: Why Same Sex Marriage Not A Sin

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Is marriage only for man and woman? Not so long ago, Queen Elizabeth ruled out gay marriage in UK and said that “Marriage is for man and woman.” She does not in favor of same sex marriage. Well, no one can change her stand, but everyone can question her opinion.

Same sex-marriage is one of the biggest issues and one of the most controversial. Questions arise every now and then. Is marriage only for man and woman? Is same-sex marriage a sin? Can’t we allow two same people love each other?

These questions are complex. Most people will not agree with me if I say that there’s nothing wrong in same sex-marriage. To me, people in same sex-marriage did not bring any harm to the society. What is wrong here is the people’s thinking pattern.

The belief that getting married with someone of same sexual orientation is wrong emanates from social standards and religious teachers. The problem is, something is not right or wrong just because religion or societal norm says so.

Social norms are shaping people’s rationality and morality. But what is moral and immoral? What is the general basis of morality?

Cultures around the world have different sets of moral standards. For example, in most part of the world, killing is immoral. But in some cultures, killing is a normal way of life – killing is part of their norm. Are those people wrong? Where do we draw a line between good and bad?

It’s hard to conceive, right? Because in reality, there’s no single truth.

The world has changed but the thinking remains the same. Thus obsolete thinking pattern clashes with the current societal reality. Thousands of years ago, earth was considered as flat. Can we hold the same belief today?

Is same sex-marriage immoral?

Most of the time, morality is based on biblical standpoint. If we summarize the bible in one word it only conveys one thing – LOVE. This same word binds two people in marriage regardless of sexual orientations. Thus the idea that same sex-marriage is immoral does not come from religious teaching but from erroneous thinking pattern.

To conclude, the issue on same sex-marriage can’t be fully understood and resolved if everyone holds only one lens. It only creates bias. To make an equally balanced judgment one must gain flexible mindset. And flexibility, I doubt, can only be attained in a more mature society.

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