What Is The Real Meaning Of Happiness?

Finding the real meaning of happiness is a tricky job. This is the reason why philosophers and psychologists struggle for decades – trying to answer the same question.

What is really the ultimate meaning of happiness? Is it a new job? Marriage? A new house? A brand new car? A new relationship? Friends? A spouse? Money? If you really dig into these questions, you’ll find it difficult to come up with a single answer.

But why is it so hard to define happiness? Well, the answer might lie on happiness itself. This concept is both deep and subjective. Thus, making one’s own definition can be both bias and illegitimate.

Although there are several studies on happiness, none of those are conclusive enough for all the cultures around the world. What makes people in the United States happy, does not necessarily apply to the rest of the population.

Nonetheless, there are common things that make people happy. And these things are quite prominent in different cultures.

The real meaning of happiness

True happiness meaning involves the following:

1. Contentment

To become happy, you don’t have to own everything. Having everything does not make you feel good. Alexander The Great once cried when he found that there was nothing left to conquer. He had every corner of the world. But he was not happy. What makes people happy, then? It’s contentment. It’s not a matter of how much you have, but being contented with everything you have.

2. The absence of worry

In the world of haste, everything runs swiftly. Technological advancements make our lives faster. But it also makes us more anxious than ever. We tend to worry about the unknown. We feel scared for no apparent reasons. Why? Because we focus so much on the negative things that might happen in the future rather than be focusing on the good things that happen to us in the present.

Because we tend to worry about the future in a very wrong way, our present becomes worse and denser. We feel bad about something that has not happened yet. If you really want to find the real meaning of happiness, free yourself from any unreasonable worries.

3. A good relationship with family and friends

One study found that the biggest factor towards becoming happy is a relationship. It is not limited to familial or romantic relationships, it also involves social relationships. In other words, people are happy if they have a good connection with their siblings or parents, with their friends, and with their spouse.

4. Love

Of course, love is always part of the happiness equation. People who are in love are happier than those who aren’t. But some people may disagree with this. Some people thought that love can only bring chaos to their lives. But it is not necessarily true. Because love is not cruel. In fact, love binds things together, it brings harmony, peace, equality, and happiness.

5. Need satisfaction

Part of being humans, we tend to satisfy our needs. We find satisfaction in our relationships, jobs, etc. If we get what we need, we become satisfied and happy. If we don’t we feel bad. But of course, satisfaction does not mean having everything.

6. Having good plans for the future

Happy people are not worried about their future. Instead, they make good long-term plans. They don’t focus on the negative things that might happen along the way. Rather, they make themselves ready to make some changes in case plans won’t work.

In conclusion, true happiness meaning cannot be found in the dictionary. The real meaning of happiness resides in every one of us. So if you really want to be happy, turn your lens inward. Ask yourself what makes you feel good. Focus on those things. Ultimately, you’ll become happy and productive.