Memo Plus Gold Side Effects According To Consumers

The Memo Plus Gold Side Effects.

Memo Plus Gold Side Effects

Memo Plus Gold is one of the renowned memory enhancers in the market today. Many people have been using this brain booster especially the students. However, not all of them have the same experience. Some achieved their goal of increasing their memory while others’ experience was different.

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Generally, there two types of effects of memo plus gold: positive and negative. In this post, let me introduce first the positive effects.

The Benefits of Memo Plus Gold

Thousands if not millions of people are using this supplement every day. Many of them do so because of the positive effect of Memo Plus Gold in their lives. There are people who reportedly increased their cognitive ability. Most of them are students who claimed that their grades increased after taking this memory enhancer. Here are the proofs and testimonies:

The scientific studies

The series of studies of Acute Toxicity suggest that, for 14 years, the Bacopa Monnieri which is the main ingredient of Memo Plus Gold has no negative effect. In fact, the researchers claimed that the supplement is safe even for pregnant and lactating mothers. No adverse effect was found throughout the studies.

Another study conducted at the Brain Sciences Institute of the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia also found the benefits of Memo Plus Gold. In fact, the researchers recommended the four capsules a day consumption to attain the optimum result.

Consumer’s Testimony #1

One consumer claimed that Memo Plus Gold effect was good. After three months of intake, the only thing that becomes obvious is the increased level of memory. Thus, no negative side effects were experienced. In addition, Memo Plus Gold lowered the stress level of the consumer.

Consumer’s Testimony #2

A mother testified by stating that the Memo Plus Gold that improved her children’s academic performance. She also said that this brain supplement can also help a person to recover from the concussion (hard head blow). It increases the brain power in making a person more alert and able to concentrate.

Consumer’s Testimony #3

Another positive effect of Memo Plus Gold came from a chain smoker person. Before he began taking Memo Plus Gold, he felt physically weak and lethargic. But the supplement changed his story. Not only the man improved his memory but also his health. He felt rejuvenated and strong after taking the Memo Plus Gold for a year.

Consumer’s Testimony #4

Another consumer claimed that the Memo Plus Gold made him more mentally alert. He also found no problem taking this supplement with other vitamins. There were no negative side effects noticed throughout the span of time he used it.

Consumer’s Testimony #5

One consumer testified the positive effect of Memo Plus Gold. He took the supplement right after breakfast and noticed no negative effect. Although he did not experience nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and headache, he recommended that one should drink more water while taking this supplement.

Consumer’s Testimony #6

Another consumer testified the positive effect of Memo Plus Gold. He has been taking this supplement along with other vitamins and noticed no adverse effect. He then believed that this supplement is an excellent memory enhancer.

Consumer’s Testimony #7

A student consumer reported that Memo Plus Gold helped her achieved high academic performance. The supplement allows her to gain more focus and concentration on the tasks assigned needed to accomplish quickly.

However, as mentioned above, not all consumers have reported the same positive experience. There some who experienced the adverse effects of this supplement. This brings us to the next section of this post.

Memo Plus Gold Side Effects

The following are the actual statements of the consumers who used Memo Plus Gold. The following passages are quoted from Meds Chat. Here are the actual statements of the consumers:

Consumer’s Testimony #1

I’m a collage student. I started taking memo plus gold last week..time goes by, i felt a slight headache and now it became serious. I never take any drugs or multivitamins. Is it the effect of memo plus? Should i continue to take it? Thanks in advance 4 ur answer. – Princess

This consumer experienced the adverse effect of Memo Plus Gold that she wonders whether or not should she continue taking the supplement.

Consumer’s Testimony #2

I’m taking this product for only 3 days now Im experiencing dizziness and a slight headache. I never took this before.. though it really does keeps you awake all throughout even after school – the entire night. I never had the headache in the morning though instead I had dark black circles under my eyes.. it does makes you concentrate on things but for the first hour after drug absorption, you feel I little dizzy and sleepy. – Craey

Although the supplement helps this consumer to gain focus and concentration, it makes him feel dizzy and headache.

I just quoted two testimonies directly from Meds Chat. But you can find more online. The common Memo Plus Gold side effects are dizziness, headache, and feeling of sleepiness.

Points to Consider

Not all people who use Memo Plus Gold have the same experience. Some have experienced positive results but others have the contrast. Why is that so? Well, it might depend on your body’s reaction to the supplement.

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I remember when I was taking my medication for my heart disease (Myocardial Infarction) when I experienced headaches and vomiting. Not all patients experience what I experienced though. So I asked the doctor if I could stop or change the brand of the drug that I was taking.

When taking Memo Plus Gold, it is worthy to anticipate the reaction of your body. Although this supplement is formulated to enhance your brain functioning, your body may react differently. If you experience Memo Plus Gold side effects, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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