The Best Memory Enhancing Drugs For Students

The best memory enhancing drugs for students.

Memory Enhancing Drugs For Students

Aging greatly affects not only our body but also our brain and its ability to function on a day to day basis. The cognitive ability declines during old age.

But cognitive deterioration does not only happen during adulthood but also during adolescence. In fact, many college students suffer from difficulty in performing academic tasks. One of the reasons is poor memory.

If you are a student with this condition, you may suffer from the same condition. The good news is that you can do something to enhance your cognitive ability. There are many ways you can apply to protect your memory.

Our food intake may affect the way our brain functions. In addition, the physical activities we do every day also play important role in keeping our brain sharp and active.

If you want to achieve faster memory improvement, you use natural supplements that contain necessary ingredients to augment brain power.

Having said all of these, I would like to share with you today some of the best memory enhancing drugs for students. These memory boosters are not only effective for students but also for adults.

However, I strongly suggest that before taking any of the following memory boosters, make sure that you consult your doctors. Although these supplements are safe to consume, no one knows the possible reactions.

What works perfectly well for others may not necessarily work for you. Your physical condition must be strictly considered.

How Memory Enhancing Drugs Work

Before introducing the different types of memory enhancers, it is important to recognize how memory enhancers work.

Memory enhancers do not really affect the entire brain. Instead, they directly affect some neurotransmitters responsible for learning and memory storage.

The neurotransmitter acetylcholine is thought to be instrumental in strengthening the neural connections in the brain. The stronger the neural connection, the better the memory storage.

This means that acetylcholine plays a very important role in keeping neurons functional. In other words, acetylcholine maintains the good health of the neurons, the synapses, and the communication between and among the neurons.

The insufficient supply of acetylcholine in the brain may cause memory loss. The purpose of taking natural memory enhancing drugs is to maintain the ample presence of acetylcholine in the brain.

Some of the most popular natural memory enhancers are the nootropic Piracetam. This memory enhancer acts as acetylcholine booster. It keeps the neurotransmitter functions as it needs to be.

Memory Enhancing Drugs for Students

But aside from nootropic Piracetam, there is other natural “memory enhancing” supplements that students can use to attain maximal performance in school. Here are some of them:

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green foods do a very good job of boosting memory, especially for adolescents. Leafy vegetables contain a type of amino acid that increases the homocysteine. This substance helps sustain the brain health while preventing memory loss from happening.


Berries are good if not the best source of anti-oxidants for the brain known as flavonoids. Flavonoids act as neural protection – protecting the brain from losing its ability to retain memory.

Aside from the berries, you can also get flavonoids from grape seed extract and green tea. You can easily order online the grape seed extract and green tea.


Most kinds of fish contain Omega-3, a fatty acid capable of enhancing the brain power by maintaining or increasing brain health.  One of the most well-known sources of Omega-3 is Salmon fish.

However, in the absence of salmon or other fish, you can use the best alternative – the Krill Oil. This oil is a good source of Omega-3 that prevents neural decay and memory loss.

It is important to realize that the health of your brain is as important as your physical health. These two aspects of “yourself” work hand in hand.

The brain needs oxygen and nutrients for it to function well. But before it can happen, there must be a good blood circulation in the body.

The blood carries the important nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Good blood circulation gives enough food to the brain.

The result will be a better neural connection, communication, and long-term memory. Neurological health can be achieved via regular exercise and healthy food intake.

The process can speed up if incorporated with natural vitamins. The Pterostilbene, Resveratrol, and Picamilon are good in boosting the healthy circulation in the body.

These natural memory enhancing drugs for students are proven to be effective. One of these natural supplements may help you succeed in your academic goal.

The combination of regular exercise, healthy food intake, and memory enhancing supplements, you will achieve the optimal result.