Taking Control: Mind Control Techniques

Is mind control possible?

Mind Control

Decades ago, people already heard stories of psychic power (ESP). The ability to read and predict other people’s mind or control objects.

The idea that a mind can control objects (psychokinesis) intrigued people for centuries. In fact, up to date, about 15 percent of the Americans alone believe in human’s psychic ability according to a survey in 2005 by Baylor Religion Survey.

Psychic power research sprouted during the Cold War. There were rumors at that time that the Russians were developing armies who had psychic power.

This speculation made the U.S government take action. The program called Stargate was born. Several tests were conducted just to find out whether or not mind power can be useful to military operations.

However, none of those results proved the existence of psychokinesis. However, it does not mean that mind manipulation is not possible.

Mind manipulation is not about controlling objects or people to do illegal or unethical act. It simply means to skillfully influence, negotiate with people, or control the interaction process to one’s own advantage.

But before you can apply the mind control techniques, you need to master your own emotion first. And mastering your own emotional needs self-awareness (that’s why I talked about knowing yourself in the previous article). Learning to take control of your own emotion is a key to controlling others.

How to manipulate people with your mind

This is not about dark psychology or reverse psychology to control people. This article is about how psychology works to manipulate people using their own thinking and action.

Mind manipulation involves determining why people act the way they do. This question allows you to assess one’s emotion. Because remember, emotion is a powerful mechanism that dictates human actions. In fact, emotions drive some people to commit suicide or sacrifice their lives for their loved ones.

If you can make some kind of impact on a person’s emotion, s/he will take action in accordance with his/her feelings. Marketers are good at this. Because people love lower prices, businessmen hide the true price by putting two decimal places on price tags.

A 5 dollar cup of coffee may appear cheaper if it’s priced at 4.99. Notice that there’s no significant difference in the price. But most people prefer 4.99 over 5.

This marketing strategy works all the time. That’s why you often see this in the market.

Again, there’s no mind trick here. It’s just understanding human emotion. If you know how people behave to some extent, it will be easier for you to take some impact on their behavior.

How can you control people?

Mind control is not about making people behave the way you want them to go through your mind. Rather, it’s about understanding their own personality so that you can predict the person’s action in a given situation.

For instance, if a person or your co-worker shouts at you, just stare him in the face silently. Stand straight as if you are waiting for him to hit you. You will notice that he will stop and slowly back out. Why? Because he probably notices two things: one, that you are not afraid. And two, he does not know what you are thinking. Your silence signals deepness in which he has no idea whether or not you are planning an attack.

The calm water is scarier than a noisy one. If the water is silent, it is deep. And if it is deep, you won’t know what lies below the surface. You can’t see it. While the shallow one is visible in your eyes what lies beneath.

This analogy is also true to humans. In the example above, the person gets threatened by your silence.

How do you know that your silence is what made him back out? Well, you would probably do the same. You see, by understanding your own personality, you will be able to understand and predict others’.

Here are the additional mind control techniques

Fear: You can easily threaten angry people by showing them that you are not afraid. This is not done through shouting. Instead, stay calm and silent and stare them at their eyes. The next thing will be exciting. You can actually push that person out without having him do anything in response.

Guilt: Believe it or not, even the most notorious boss has a heart. S/he has softness inside. So if your boss is angry with you, you can make him/her feel guilty. How? Well, there are many ways. One of which is showing your boss that you are emotionally affected – that because of what s/he did, you can’t concentrate on your job anymore. Once you’ve done that, s/he will do everything just to please you.

Ego involvement: This is effective in an abusive relationship or in an indifferent boss. You can tell your abusive husband that your friends are expecting your breakup, but you want to preserve his reputation that’s why you stay in the relationship.

The other instance is when you feel that despite what you have contributed to the company’s success, your boss seemed to be ignoring it. Tell him/her that other companies are offering you high salary and position. But because of your emotional or professional attachment (or whatever it is) with the company, you prefer to stay.

If you are valuable to them, then the husband and boss in the example above will most likely change their treatment on you.

Anger: Anger is a powerful tool in changing one’s mind and action. For instance, if you are leading a team (either in business or in sports) and you always fail, you can ignite your team’s perseverance and motivation by instilling anger. Remind them of who they are and their reason for doing such undertaking. Once you’ve awakened the better person in them, they will do the rest.

The human emotion is volatile. It is fluid and ever changing in accordance with situational demands. If you understand its mechanisms, you will be able to manipulate people, to drive them in the right direction, or to your own advantage.

But it does not mean that you should exploit others’ weakness to gain what you want from them. Your main goal here is to put yourself in the right position.

Being able to control other people’s mind is not the same as making them into mindless individuals who just follow what you want them to do. Nor deprive them of being free and capable of making personal decisions.

The beauty of mind manipulation is that it allows you to impact others’ decision. With a few techniques, you will be able to make somebody follow your request without further begging.

For example:

Suppose that you want to borrow something from your friend, say a car. You know that it is highly unlikely that he would agree with your request. You already suspected failure. He will not allow you to use his brand new car. Well, that is true if you ask him directly to borrow his car.

But what if you can do some tweaks in your request? Believe it or not, the way you ask affects the decision of the recipient of the request. If you directly ask your friend: “Can I borrow your new car?” It is possible that he won’t let you.

Fortunately, there is a nice and sure way to do that. The technique involves performing some tasks or free service to your friend before borrowing his car. It could be simple tasks such as cleaning his backyard, perform his earlier request, or buy his lunch.

These simple tasks can determine the outcome of your request. Now, you are ready to tell him your request. But remember that I mentioned that there is a better way of making your request.

“Can I borrow your car?” This question will not always result in good outcomes. To increase your chances of succeeding in your request, add a reason. You can say for instance, “I need to go to the hospital for my regular medical check-up and I don’t have a car. Can I borrow yours?”

Here, you make your friend know why you make such a request. Secondly, you impose a sense of importance the grant of your request. And ultimately, remember that you already gave him a favor earlier. Adding these components together, it will be hard for your friend to say no.

In this instance, you are manipulating your friend to get what you want. The good (or bad) thing about this mind control technique is that the target person has no idea that he is already manipulated.

Understanding how to control others allows you to implement extra care and become more clever. People who are good at manipulating others are aware of themselves. And because they know themselves, they also know others’ behaviors in any given situation.

The blackmailers could be your good friends before. They pretend to be a good listener and people who are always ready to be at your side during difficult times. They love secrets. But as you divulged totally yourself to them, you become vulnerable.

Manipulators can use your secrets to blackmail you. They will hold you around the neck. In that situation, you will have no other choice than to submit to their demands.

In the normal world, manipulation happens and impacts us minimally. We are constantly bombarded by it on a daily basis. But somehow, at some point in our lives, we are influenced and manipulated by others on a big scale.

What other mind control techniques you can use?

In addition to the methods discussed above, there are more powerful mind control techniques you can use to influence others. It is commonly known as NLP.

The NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a concept that was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Bandler and Grinder believe that NLP is useful in the personal development and interpersonal relationships. And most importantly, NLP is a powerful tool to influence and manipulate others.

The following are some of the basic ways you can use NLP to influence others.

Change physically by changing psychologically

One of the tenets of NLP is that the mind and the body are connected to each other. Thus, any changes that occur in one part affects the other. In other words, your thoughts and emotions direct your physical behavior and vice versa.

The slight changes you made in your actions will greatly impact your psychological process. For instance, if you don’t feel confident enough in dealing strangers on a daily basis, you can change it by wearing a smile, standing and sitting taller.

These simple tweaks to your physical behavior will change the way you think. Smiling and standing straight in front of others will make you feel brave and confident. In such way, you show a different picture of yourself to others that will, in turn, will create a positive impression on you.

Emphasizing words

Another mind control technique of NLP is word emphasis. It involves emphasizing keywords or things that you want people to pay attention to. This technique is powerful in making others convinced by your idea or offer.

Take this example:

“Meet me at the XYZ Hotel,” pause for a few seconds and then say, “Saturday night. 8:00 pm.” Notice that the statement is not a request. But in most cases, doing this makes people more likely to say yes.

To sum up, mind control or mind manipulation is not rocket science. Anyone can learn and use it. The only thing you need to do is understand your own personality and how psychology works.

Psychology is a powerful tool that you can have. But like any power, it can be used for a bad motive. Don’t use the hammer for destruction, use it for construction.

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