Mind Reading: Can You Read People’s Mind?

Is mind reading possible?

Mind Reading

Some say that understanding people’s emotion is easier than reading their mind. And it’s true. You can easily feel how your partner feels but you cannot directly see what’s in his/her head. How can be possible to know what people are thinking? Can we have special access to the human mind?

This question bothers scientists decades ago. The body of research reveals that human eyes are the quick access to human thoughts. It means that through observing people’s eyes you can have a good assessment of what’s in their heads.

In 1960, psychologists Hess and Polt of the University of Chicago conducted an experiment. In the study, the psychologists asked male and female participants to look at semi-nude pictures of both sexes. The result suggests that male participants’ pupil sizes were increased in response to viewing women and female participants’ pupils were increased after viewing men.

A similar study was conducted by Daniel Kahneman in 1966. He asked the participants to remember three to seven digit number after two seconds. The result reveals that the longer the string of number to remember, the larger the size of the participants’ pupil. The study concluded that pupil size is related to information processing.

Is mind reading possible? Well, although scientific studies found interesting findings, no one has ever predicted what exactly the content of anyone’s mind. The human eye can be a window to one’s soul, but no one knows what’s inside.

Thus, it might not be possible to exactly pinpoint a person’s exact thoughts by staring at his/her eyes. This is the only piece of “privacy” that humankind has maintained.

Although mind reading is not reliable, the eyes can still reveal so many information. Unlike the mouth, the eyes cannot tell lies. But we should not base our judgment on the one’s eyes. Instead, we should gather enough evidence before judging a person – not through mind reading.

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