On Mindset: If You Think You Can’t, You Won’t

The vital role of mindset in your life.


You may be wondering how you can get there and achieve your goal. And maybe you wonder how few people become successful. This is the process of discovering.

However, most people stuck at this stage. Why? Because it is incredibly hard to get things done according to plan. And because it is hard, the easiest option is “quitting”.

But before you say no, please hear me. You are so close – closer than you think. If you quit right now, all that you’ve done will be totally lost. You’ve come this far, can you walk another mile?

Your answer to this question depends on your mindset. If you think you can’t, you won’t. The simple twist in your mental image will greatly affect your concentration.

If you want to win, don’t let your mind manipulate you. The truth is you have what it takes to succeed. The hardest part is not doing the necessary work, it is fighting against your inner voice.

If you think that you are the master of your fate, you should not surrender. Instead, change your line of thinking. Remember that your mind drives you every day. So if you plant negativity and doubt in it, your actions will follow.

People who are really successful are not perfect people. In fact, they committed more mistakes than the majority of us. They too have negative thoughts. But they find ways to fight against their mind.

Robert Kiyosaki said that if you think you can’t, your mind will stop working. Why? Because you already declared it. If you caught in this instance, what you can do is change your statement.

Instead of saying “I can’t,” say “How can I do it?” Observe how the second sentence is constructed. The first one is a declarative, while the second one is an interrogative.

According to Kiyosaki, the interrogative statement forces your brain to think. It will find ways to solve the problem at hand.

If you train your mind to only cling to the “how”, you’ll always get ahead whatever obstacle you might encounter.

The bottom line here is that you should not allow your mind to defeat you. When negativity starts to cloud your thinking, find ways to escape from it. Turn the “I can’t” into “How can I do it?”

Always develop a positive mindset.

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