Want To Be More Attractive? Try This Eye Gaze

How to be more attractive?

More Attractive

Attractiveness can be hard to define. It is a subjective concept that people may have different views.

In most cases, people think of attractiveness as personal attributes such as skin color, height, traits, etc.

But the biggest and one of the most intriguing question is “how can a person become more attractive”?

One study suggests that looking directly at someone can actually make you attractive.

Yes, people are attracted to their opposite sex that is looking at them and smiling.

Most of us think that facial characteristics elicit attraction. But there’s more. In fact, Dr. Claire Conway the leading author of the study found an easy way to be attractive.

“When asked to think of examples of attractive facial characteristics, most people think of physical traits such as healthy looking skin, symmetrical features or a strong jaw,” said Conway. “Here we show that gaze direction can also be important for attraction,” Conway added.

In the study, the participants looked at different pictures. Some faces in those photos were directly looking at the viewer. While some were looking away.

The researchers wanted to know whether gaze direction has a significant influence on attraction.

The findings suggest that faces that directly gazed the viewer were considered as more attractive than those were looking away.

In addition, smiling can boost attractiveness. “This effect was particularly pronounced if the face was smiling and the opposite sex to the viewer,” said Conway.

The authors suspect that attraction is not generally the outcome of physical beauty.

People are attracted to others that appear to like them.

“It is possible that our brains are wired this way to allow us to invest our time in attracting members of the opposite sex who seem the most receptive to our interest in them,” said Conway.

So if you want to attract someone, make sure you look at the person with a smile.

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