50 Attributes That Can Make You More Attractive

Do you want to be more attractive?

More Attractive

Almost all men dream to be attractive. The reason is obvious – they want to attract women. The good thing is that we all have traits that make us attractive. It could be basic physical attributes such as eye color, height, hair color, and skin complexion.

However, not all the time these attributes play their role. Sometimes, becoming more attractive requires something that is beyond physical traits. It has nothing to do with the looks. Becoming more attractive is just a matter of portraying some innate characteristics – not physical appearance.

Here’s what makes people become more attractive

  1. Good handwriting.
  2. Their personality.
  3. They way they laugh.
  4. Their ability to remember names of people.
  5. The ability to feel happy even in a negative situation.
  6. Being nice.
  7. Their laughter is contagious.
  8. The way they narrate stories.
  9. Their passion for what they do.
  10. Their golden voice.
  11. Equal treatment of people.
  12. Their openness to learning from their mistakes.
  13. Not boastful.
  14. They love singing.
  15. Sociable.
  16. They can play multiple musical instruments.
  17. Have vast knowledge of almost everything.
  18. Their ability to make other people laugh.
  19. Curiosity.
  20. Their close relationship with their family.
  21. They have a distinctive scent.
  22. Broad reader.
  23. They love hanging with children.
  24. Their passion for music.
  25. Playful (in a positive sense of the word).
  26. Humble.
  27. Speak with several foreign languages.
  28. Wholesomeness.
  29. Intelligent.
  30. Friendly.
  31. Emotionally vulnerable.
  32. Able to go with anyone.
  33. When they speak with their native tongue.
  34. Being committed to what they do.
  35. Their silliness.
  36. Their ability as to when and when not to crack a joke.
  37. Alert.
  38. Their ability to remain positive.
  39. Socially flexible.
  40. Updated on social events.
  41. Their ability to interpret events.
  42. Their ability to control their anger.
  43. Being aware of their limits.
  44. Loyal.
  45. Internally driven.
  46. Respect for others.
  47. Unconditional love.
  48. Their ability to help others.
  49. Being able to do household chores.
  50. Their ability to size up people.

Becoming more attractive does not mean to always look good. Because you can be more attractive by just being yourself. Don’t try to always please others. Just act naturally. Show others your true personality. Without pretending to be somebody will make you more genuine and attractive.

If you have secrets on how to become attractive, please share them below.

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