The Best Way To Keep Yourself Motivated All Day Long

How to be motivated?


Finding something that inspires you to accomplish a goal is sometimes harder than achieving the goal.

The reason for this is that motivation may not last long. As it drops down, your eagerness to continue the task may also decrease.

Luckily, the scientific finding suggests a simple technique to keep yourself motivated throughout the day.

A team of researchers conducted a study investigating the nature of motivation. They published their findings in 2017.

The researchers found that switching from one task to another is helpful. Doing one thing for 30 minutes wears down people’s motivation.

Conversely, if people witch from one task to another their self-control seems to be intact.

Dr. Dan Randles, the leading author of the study come up with a novel conclusion. “While people get tired doing one specific task over a period of time, we found no evidence that they had less motivation or ability to complete tasks throughout the day,” Randles said.

The conclusion was drawn from 16,000 people participated in the study. The participants were given a difficult memory task to perform at different times of the day.

The result shows that the participants’ motivation did not wear down.

Another study author, Dr. Iain Harlow discussed the usefulness of the result. “This finding is especially important for intellectually demanding tasks like learning. It fits research showing that you remember more of what you learn when you review it frequently but in short bursts,” Harlow said.

It is a common belief that switching one task to another can negatively affect focus. But the previous study contradicts the assumption.

In fact, switching tasks can keep you motivated. Although the finding contradicts the common belief, its application can be huge.

Students may change their study habits. Working on a project, or studying the lesson intermittently can be helpful.

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