Stop Wasting Time: Motivation For Success

Motivation defines success.


Stop wasting time. Life is a short game. You may lose or win. But do not make a mistake of spending your time feeling the pain.

Are you a person who walks in this life following others’ footsteps? If yes, you are not living life. You are a lame coward who scares about the possibilities of life.

Stop wasting time thinking that somebody will take care of you when you’re old. That will not happen.

The truth is, the world does not care about you. People have their own priorities. They don’t have time for yours. So you need to take care of your future.

If you really want to make a difference in your life, stop following others. Stop wasting your time thinking about being special. Because you are not.

Instead of relying on others, start cultivating a bountiful life. Start thinking like someone who wants to touch others’ lives. Find people, books, videos that contain motivation.

Reform your way of thinking and behaving. You can’t live a stagnant life. If you think that you are suffocated by your current job, leave it.

You are not lame. You have the tremendous power and resource to direct and lead your life. No need to follow others.

The worst thing about being a subordinate is that you only make your boss even richer. Your goals are dying. Your boss reaches his goals, but yours remain imaginary.

Life is a one-shot opportunity. There’s no second chance. If you miss it, you’ve missed the biggest opportunity.

I heard many people who complain many things about their lives. But they don’t make any changes in their habits. They stay in their jobs hoping for a change. Guess what, they never find a difference.

If your life seems to be pivoting around something-something that does not allow you to move somewhere, you’re not in the alignment of your purpose.

Don’t let yourself be chained. Find motivation to pursue your own life. Plan and act now. You don’t have tomorrow. Your only chance is this very moment. Decide and soar!

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